Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 451

Day 451

As soon as I started playing today I headed over to the plaza to figure out what the Autumn Moon was all about (though the word "moon" should've given it away). As soon as I reached the plaza and spoke to Isabelle I remembered what it's about - the moon gets really bright that night, and it's not sunny all day with me confusing it with the summer solstice. I spoke to Isabelle and she handed me a veggie basket, and there was also a photoboard, which I think is the cutest one in the whole game (not including custom designs).

After leaving the plaza I headed down to Mott's house to welcome him into Skyfall. He actually looks a lot better in person than in the pics I saw of him on Google... I still don't think it's enough to make me want to keep him, but I still find him to be an interesting villager, so I'm looking forward to his time in Skyfall.

Over at Re-Tail I noticed Julian had put his harp up for sale... When I did order the harp from the catalog, I considered getting the Virgo harp just to spiff-up his house, but in the end I went with the regular one. I did buy this one back and mailed it to him, but now I'm wondering if I should switch to the Virgo harp next time he sells it. Turnip prices were also pretty low (in the AM at least, not sure about the PM), so looks like this will be a random or decreasing week, but hey, it's only Tuesday, can't really pick a trend from 3 sets of prices.

Beau was in a home visits mood today, as shortly after I started playing he wanted me to visit him, and near the end of my play time, he asked if he could visit me. Unfortunately for him, both requests were at set times, so I had to politely decline... I feel bad since I like Beau, but it's better than forgetting and making him upset.

Bree had an item of Julian's that she found and asked if I could deliver it to him for her. As always, I didn't have anything else planned so was happy to take it off her hands and track down Julian... only problem was that Julian was nowhere to be found. After a good 5 minutes of searching ever corner of Skyfall (I was too lazy to check Main Street), I decided to save and quit to reset their positions, and when I started up again he was in his house. I handed him the package and he rewarded me with a dice tank.

And to end my day, Beardo wanted an orange. Thankfully this time it was a specific fruit he wanted, so I didn't need to panic about having no foreign perfect fruit for him (which I still need to work on getting, I've just been lazy). I handed him an orange and he rewarded me with a baby bed.

Unrelated News
Not a lot happened today but that was because I spent a good amount of time landscaping Skyfall. I didn't do a huge amount of landscaping, but I did make a start in certain areas. I think my biggest issue is that I just have big open fields spammed with flowers, where I should probably put some PWP's, but I don't really know what to put there, and on the other hand, I like leaving them open so there's a chance a new villager will move in there instead of putting their house on the path. I'll probably continue landscaping each time I play now, just so I can finish my town and be happy with it by the end of the year. Now to watch some more Pokemon. Cya!


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