Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 436 - 445

Fireworks Show (08/24)
As usual, I played in the evening to attend the fireworks show, where Isabelle handed me a star bopper. I also bought a cookie from Redd, containing a crackle ticket, rewarding me with an ultra hand. After grabbing both my goodies, I sat back and watched the show.

Day 436

From a landscaping perspective, the bushes which I had planted had started to grow (thankfully none of them died), and I'm happy with how that looks. Only complaint is that there are no darker bushes on the western side, but that's no biggie. Agnes had also moved out and left a nice little dirt patch, which I've put flowers over and hoping that'll get grassy again in the next few weeks.

Hopper was in the campsite today, who was a villager I had in my Wild World town, who I absolutely loved. The only thing I didn't like about him was his deep voice (which I've never really been a fan of), but since my town was full, I was unable to ask him to move in. Though even if it wasn't full, I more than likely wouldn't have asked him to move in anyway.

When I went down to the beach to bury the fertilizer, I came across a weird graphical glitch. Of course, it's nothing major (nowhere near as big as the actual pop-out leaves on trees glitch LOL), but I've always been interested in glitches + video games, so it was nice to see this, no matter how minor it was.

Gulliver had also washed up on the beach, and I was in the usual routine. I did write down my options somewhere, but I can't seem to find where I put them, so I can't include them. I managed to guess correctly though, but it wasn't that hard.

Day 437

Was cloudy in Skyfall today, was hoping for rain, but it never came. If I played longer I probably would have seen it, but unfortunately I didn't. The bushes from yesterday had also fully grown, which looks nicer than I expected, I'm happy with how I landscaped that area - now I just need to get motivated to do the rest of the town LOL.

Something that I found interesting was that Julian invited himself over to my house randomly today... I know villagers only invite themselves over if you have max friendship with them, and I know I had max friendship with Julian before he moved out, so I'm assuming villagers keep their friendship levels once they move back into your town? Tbh I don't know, I'm just guessing, but if that is the case it seems pretty cool!

Day 438

Rosie invited me over, and since her house is spammed with lovely furniture, I tried to buy out one of her lovely lamps, but the one that I wanted to buy (since I liked its positioning the least) wasn't for sale, so I had to buy out the other one.

After leaving Rosie's house, I stumbled across Ricky who had a petition he wanted me to get signatures for. Unfortunately, without an internet connection, I was unable to gather any for him (and I didn't have anyone to locally wireless with). Even if I did have a connection though, I probably would've have gathered signatures, sorry buddy.

Day 439

Shortly after making my daily rounds around Skyfall, I stumbled across a lost item. It didn't take me long to find its owner, being Rosie, and she rewarded me with a leopard tank.

Redd had pitched his tent in town today, so I stopped by to browse his artworks. He didn't have the artwork I needed, but I bought out the real art none the less.

Fake - it's holding a UFO

Real - there is no fake

Fake - her headband should be blue

Fake - the palm of the hand should be facing up

Timbra was also home after being in Skyfall for a few days (and odd enough, she hasn't been home since), but her house wasn't what I expected. Not sure what I expected exactly, but it was not a Japanese theme. She had a few more pieces belonging to her house, but she had put them up in Re-Tail (hence the empty spaces).

Day 440

Nothing much happened today, the only noticeable thing being the usual "troll gift"... Beau had something he wanted to return to Ricky, but was afraid to do it himself since it'd been a while since he borrowed it. I took it off his hands and handed it over to Ricky, who told me he'd give me a reward if I guessed the packages contents correctly. Naturally, I guessed wrong, and got nothing in return.

Day 441

Ricky informed me that Timbra planned on leaving Skyfall (is it just me, or has it been a trend since Mira's arrival to leave as soon as you move in lol). I haven't really had a chance to get to know Timbra, but she doesn't interest me much as a villager, so I'm going to let her move out.

Booker told me that Saharah was in town, so I went out to find her. It took me a while to find her (namely because I forgot about her once I left the police station, so I wasn't looking for her), but as soon as I saw her I took her over to my house for a makeover, receiving a tartan rug and meadow vista. I believe only the wallpaper is an exclusive.

Day 442

Tonight was the fireworks show, and other than that, nothing much really happened. Isabelle asked if I had a custom pattern I'd like to be made into a firework, but I had nothing. Rosie did give me additional confirmation that Timbra would be leaving, though.

Fireworks Show (08/31)
I didn't really do much this show, all I did was visit Isabelle at the plaza to receive a bopper. I didn't buy any cookies from Redd, nor did I sit back to watch the show.

Day 443

Another boring day, all that worthwhile thing that happened was Ricky wanted me to get him a piece of perfect fruit, so I grabbed a perfect apple, and he gave me an old board floor, no picture today... I wonder how long this no picture drought's going to last...

Day 444

I stopped by Rosie's house and discovered she was sick, not a nice way to start off September. I rushed to Main Street to get her some medicine, returned to Skyfall and handed it to her, wishing her the best in her recovery.

Turnip prices were also the highest they'd been during my blogging hiatus, at 138 in the AM, and 144 in the PM - I know, nothing decent, but the rest of the prices have been horrible lol.

On top of that, Ricky had yet another petition he wanted me to gather signatures for, but as usual, I didn't have any plans to leave Skyfall today, so I had to politely decline his petition.

Day 445

It was cloudy again today, but unlike the previous cloudy day, it started raining not long after I started playing (added bonus, was even a thunderstorm!)

At the police station, I learned the Gulliver had washed ashore again. This time I was able to find the options I had written down, so no problem there. I also managed to guess correctly again. My options were:
- Nepal
- Thailand
- Japan
- Vietnam

I also delivered Rosie her second dose of medicine, one more delivery and she'll be better again. I'm really hoping she'll give me her pic as a reward and we can end this drought, but I doubt it, my luck hasn't been all that good lately.

And something I forgot to do two days ago on September first was visit Gracie to browse her fall stock. Her fall stocks consists of the sweets series (which I probably included in a post last year). I haven't collected any of Gracie's sets, but once I complete my house, and save up 100,000,000 bells, I'll probably use that cash to purchase the series to go towards my catalog.

Unrelated News
I actually got my internet back a few days ago, but as I mentioned in a previous post, that my friend was going to Japan for university, I decided to take some extra time off to help organize that, and then once that'd happened, I just wanted a few more days to myself. Additionally, I also took my time off from blogging to think about how long I'm going to blog for. In the end, I've decided to continue daily blogging until the end of the year (and I'll probably blog on New Years Day just since it continues from NYE), after that, I don't know if I'll cut back on blogging completely, or if I'll blog every second or third day (or I might just do a post every now and then to post about major events). Regardless, I'll still continue to play AC, just probably wont be blogging as much. In the mean time, I've made it my mission to make my town and house look like something I'm happy with, so I can update my dream address so ya'll can come visit. I'm also assuming Timbra will be leaving tomorrow since it's been a substantial amount of days since I first learned she was leaving, and she hasn't yet - it'll either be tomorrow or Friday. I think that's about all for now? If I remember anything else I'll put it in tomorrows post. Cya!

Disclaimer: I gathered this would be a pretty lengthy post so I just added in the major parts of my days, and a few little things to make them more interesting. I also apologize for the long and boring post, and the inevitable spelling/grammar mistakes.


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