Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 460 - 500

Days 460 - 500

I'm not all that sure how to start this off, so I guess I'll just do what I've done in the past, where I file everything under headings, and then post the important info. So let's get to it!
Also, quick disclaimer, since I have been out of the blogmoshpere lately, I accidentally hit some setting which changed the default layout, and I'm not sure how to change it back, so sorry if any of the layout is out of whack.

I'll start out with the jobs and chores since they're the most boring out of everything, so you can simply skip past them if they don't take your fancy.

Jobs and Chores

The first decent chore was that Benjamin wanted me to replace his sloppy sink. My alarm bells went off in my head, thinking that if I did get him something to replace his sloppy sink, that he'd give me the sloppy sink as a reward. I was wrong. I handed him a bear pole that I had in my pockets (probably from a time capsule), and he gave me a dentist chair.


Julian was also interested in a game of hide and seek, but again, I really wasn't in the mood so I had to decline his offer.

I received a couple of requests to get some petition signed, but since I wasn't all that big on playing during my blogging hiatus, I didn't end up leaving town to get any signatures. Sorry guys.

Julian was also interested in playing a game of hide and seek, but since I wasn't in the mood for a game, I had to politely decline his offer.

Beau had a time capsule he wanted me to bury for him, so I took it off his hands and buried it to the north-west of his house, besides the Jacob's Ladders. A while after burying it, Beau asked me to dig it up again, which I did, and received a blue grid tee. Rosie also wanted me to dig up one of her time capsules, which I did, and I earned myself a chick tee.

I also somehow managed to get "lucky" with paintings. Julian sold me two, and Beardo sold me one, and all three of them turned out to be real. It's a shame neither of them were the valiant statue, which I needed for my museum.

Tia had unfortunately received a cold somehow, so I handed her three doses of medicine until she was all better. I don't seem to have any pictures of her giving me a reward, so she must've mailed it to me, and I obviously forgot what it was (oops). Bree also got sick, and this time I was able to find a picture of her reward, which was a cheese wall (rather fitting for a mouse lol).

The last two notable jobs and chores would be, firstly, that I found a lost item - belonging to Ricky, earning me a red-bar shirt, and a delivery Bree wanted me to do for Ricky, his resulted in my earning his pic.


The Town

As for the town itself, there were several things that happened. We had a bug-off and fishing tourney (neither of which I attended) - I attended the bug-off ceremony, but not the ceremony for the fishing tourney. We also had Beardo's birthday, so I decided to drop by and give him a present. And once October rolled around, Jack did the usual and popped up, telling me about Halloween that would be upcoming on October 31st, but I kinda skipped past the dialogue, since I don't think I'll be participating this year.


The majority of visitors I got I kinda of ignored, because I wasn't in the mood to deal with them, nor did I need anything they had to offer. The only one I actually needed something from was Redd. As for Saharah and Gulliver - I attended Gulliver once, and only had Saharah renovate my house if I saw her around time, I didn't go out of my way to look for her.

Like I said, I only helped him out once, where I guessed correctly, being Kenya. I did write down the other options somewhere, but I'm a little tired and can't be bothered to search for them.


I think I only had Saharah two or three times as well. Like Gulliver, I wrote down what she gave me, but I'm not sure where I put them, so I'll just leave them blank for now. But with that said, I really liked the first makeover I got.


Like I said, Redd was the only visitor I actually cared about, but even he failed to deliver. On all his trips, he never had the one piece of artwork I needed, that being the valiant statue. Instead of including all his arts he had each visit, I'm just going to include the real one he had.

Katie showed up in Skyfall once, but I didn't have anywhere to take her, so I had to leave her to her own devices.


Not much happened with shopping. Gracie may have changed her stock over, but I didn't go in to have a look. Though on October 1st The Nookling's and Able Sisters started stocking Halloween attire. And the post office, for both mid-September and October, had a new astrology DLC.


I checked the turnip prices each day, twice if I could, and we actually had a few decent prices, some in the high 300's and 400's. Instead of including each price, I'll just include the high-ish ones.

Villagers Come, and Villagers Go

Surprisingly, only one villager actually moved out (being Beardo). A lot of them were interested in moving out, but I managed to stop them each time, until someone I wasn't too keen on decided to leave. Beardo left towards the end of my hiatus though, so no one else was able to move out after him. We also got a new move-in not long after Beardo's departure, being Diva (who I love, and I think is rather fitting, given her cameo in one of the AC Drama episodes), though she did put her house in a rather unfortunate spot.. Oh well.

Happy Campers

We had a lot of campers, as well as a wide variety, which is always nice, but no one took my fancy enough for me to ask them to move in. I did get Tipper and Rhonda though - Tipper was one of my original villagers back in Wild World, and Rhonda was one of my favorite villagers back in City Folk.

Mayoral Duties

As for Mayoral Duties, there weren't a lot for me to do - I didn't receive and Public Works Projects suggestions, but I did decide to finally get around to upgrading the Train Station and Town Hall, both of which I had remodeled to their Zen styles. They both add that little bit of personality and individuality to Skyfall, which I really like, don't know why I didn't have them done sooner LOL.

My Birthday

Much like last year, my birthday once again fell during my blogging hiatus. It was nice to be greeted by Beau as I started up the game, and then again my Julian and Bree (only Ricky was missing). This year I received a Birthday Sign as my gift. Thanks for a lovely birthday!

Other Things
We actually had a really nice orange sunset, so I decided to take some happy snaps of that. I also took a picture of the "500 day" tree, though it may be the previous stage, since I took it on Day 500, and I'm not sure if it grows to the next stage on the day, or the day after...

Unrelated News
So that' it, for now, at least. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read my blog posts, it really means a lot to me.
I'm not sure if I'll continue blogging - I may come back to blog every now and then, I might just blog events, I might even start doing Dream Address reviews - I'm not sure. As for blogging when the next AC game comes out, we'll talk about that when the time comes lol. But fear not, I'll still be using this blog to post game reviews (the next being Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, coming November 21st), and I'll also be using my Tumblr to post QR codes and other AC related posts (and probably some Pokemon stuff once ORAS release). You might also want to consider following my on Twitter, to learn about my random thoughts, thoughts on video game related news, and any updates, but that's totally up to you.
Anyway, for now, it's cya for one final time, and hopefully I'll see you around in the near future. Cya!


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