Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 1

My day started off as a new employee at Nook's Homes. At first he completely forgotten my name, due to losing his hiring forms. He then went to ask his assistant Lottie if she could remember my name, and he learned it would be Jake (with a little input from myself).

Once Mr. Tom Nook had learned of my name, he immediately asked what I looked like, and I began designing my character. I wanted to make my player look different to that of my New Leaf player, but I really wasn't a fan of any of the other hair styles, so I essentially recreated my New Leaf character, paying homage to my old mayor.

As soon as my character was created, I walked into Nook's Homes and started my journey as a happy home designer, eagerly awaiting my first day.

Once I had been formally introduced to my fellow staff members - Lyle, Tom Nook, Digby and Lottie - I was quickly sent on my first "official" job. But before I could start my first interior remodel, Lottie asked if I could get changed into my work uniform in the change room upstairs. So up I went, to the change room, to get changed into my new work uniform.

I was a little slow at getting the pic lol

After I had gotten changed, I went back down to see Lottie who took me to a residents house to start my training right away. Lottie taught me the ropes on designing, as well as a few ground rules, one of which was the theme - creating a cute and lovely room.

Once Lottie had done teaching me, she gave me free reign over the houses interior, letting me do absolutely whatever I wanted, given the items I had to work with. All the items in my catalogue were lovely themed, with a few exceptions, though those went with the cute theme of the house. After a good 20 minutes of fiddling and fine-tuning, I finally created my first home ever, and had completed my training. Lottie seemed to love the room, and then went on to tell me that it was actually her house - I'm glad I could make my college happy.

My first house and design job were now complete, so Lottie took me back to Nook's Homes, where a whole day had almost passed. She urged me to write up my daily report so I could get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

Once I had wrote up my first daily report, I was shown a message and asked if I was willing to share my data with Nintendo. I politely agreed, and was promptly rewarded with a Compact Car. I've not used it in any designing jobs yet, but I'm sure it'll look neat!

After a short nap I quickly rushed off to work and started my second day as a home designer. I showed up to work and was greeted my Lottie, who had my first official client with her - Goldie. I was pretty excited to design her house, she is a pretty cute villager, and I don't think I've ever had her move into one of my previous towns, so getting to spend some quality one-on-one time with he was a blessing.

Goldie, Lottie and myself soon went into an official meeting, where we discussed what Goldie was after. She told us that she was after an interior remodel, and would love to be surrounded by books. With this insight to Goldie's dream home, off we went to her house and began our second interior remodel.

Goldie gave me a few items which she insisted I use in her house. I actually genuinely liked all the items she chose, however the big bookcase she wanted was a pain to work around, no matter where I put it, it didn't seem to make the room flow.

Eventually, after a good amount of fine tuning, I managed to create a room that I was somewhat happy with, but most importantly, I room that Goldie really enjoyed. I really liked this house a lot more than my first one. I'm not sure if that's because I liked the classical/library theme more than Lottie's lovely theme, or just because my design skills had improved - but either way, I was really happy with the end product.

Goldie seemed to really enjoy her new house, so much that she expressed her joy through the very same joy emotion. Once Goldie had shown me her happiness, the joy emotion was added to my library. Upon returning to Nook's Homes after my first official job, Lottie noticed my new emotion, and showed me how to use them effectively.

Once I'd learned and perfected my joy emotion, I went on over to my desk and wrote up my official daily report, and finished off Day #1. I'm really excited to see who will show up during tomorrows game play!


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