Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 7

Walking into work today I was greeted by Isabelle (as informed yesterday), who seemed incredibly happy to see me. She told me that she had received permits to allow the constriction of a hospital, shop and restaurant. She gave me the option to build one right away, but there was something else I wanted to do.

Looking over at the amiibo phone, I remembered a little something you get from scanning a Villager amiibo through the phone. I grabbed my amiibo and scanned it through, and I was told that there was no communication with this amiibo, but was instead given a  Villager statue as an apology. I'm not sure how/where to use this item, but I'm sure it'll come in handy one day.

With my loot in pocket, I made my way back to Isabelle, and ultimately decided on building the shop, as I felt it was the easiest one of the three. Now that I had made my decision, Isabelle and I went over to the place the shop would be built, and got to work.

Firstly, Isabelle wanted me to chose an exterior. There were a good number of options - 6 I believe - but I didn't take photos of them all as I felt it would be too many. Instead, I took a photo of the one I decided to use. With the exterior chosen, I got to work in the interior, and chose to build a garden supply store (original, I know!). There weren't any items that I had to use in the design, however, Isabelle had told me that I must include one register and two product stands in the facility. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (though admittedly not my best work), but Isabelle seemed to like it.

I headed on back to Nook's Homes, expecting to write up my daily report, but Lottie had a surprise for me - a new computer! This new computer would give me access to the Happy Home Network, where I could share designs of my own, and see others peoples designs. After Lottie's persuasion, I decided to upload today's work, for everyone to see.

Additionally, the Happy Home Network also gave access to special monthly contests, dubbed the Happy Home Challenge. Essentially, this is a contest of sorts, where you're given a theme, and some items (though the items don't need to be used in the design) - I'm not too sure if you actually get anything for winning the contests, but it's a fun, additional activity to have none the less.

At first, I actually left because this months theme was "sweets", and I didn't have any items that went with the theme, but knowing me, I'll probably forget about the contest, and miss out on scoring the two contest exclusive items, so I came back and got to work on my "sweet" home. This really isn't anything to look at, so if you wanna skip over this part I wont mind LOL.

The two items that were in the house

The theme also gave me access to Birthday K.K.

Now that I had completed the contest, my day really was over, and Lottie wanted me to write up my daily report and rest up.


  1. the contest looks like fun!!

    BTW Will u be posting any ACHHD QR Codes?


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