Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 8

Something that I had actually forgot to include in yesterdays post was learning a new design course - I learned it at the end of the day so I totally forgot about it. I decided I would complete the courses in order of importance to design, so I was going to do the remake course (since I felt that was most important), but I accidentally chose the custom design course instead, oops.

With my new skills under my belt, I headed over to Isabelle, who was in the same spot as yesterday, and decided to build the hospital. After she allowed me to construct it, we headed out on the town and I was able to chose an exterior. There were three different exteriors for the hospital, and I chose the blue/white color scheme, because I felt it looked the best.

Now that the exterior was chosen, I was able to get to work on the interior. Much like the shop yesterday, there weren't any items that I had to use, but Isabelle had given me some guidelines - the reception must have five chairs and one counter, the doctors office must have two chairs and one bed, and the patient's ward must have three beds. With these specifications in mind, I went on to do my design magic (or lack of), and managed to pull out a nice design for the reception, but I feel like the other two are lacking.

With the hospital complete, Isabelle seemed happy (but didn't want anyone getting sick), and  headed back to Nook's Homes. As usual, Lottie told me that I was done for the day, and I could sign off and go home. But before signing off, I opened up my Happy Home Handbook, and taught myself the furniture remake course.

With a relatively simple day of designing, I hurried onto my next day, but making sure I wouldn't leave it until the end of the day, and ensuring I'd be able to use it to my full potential, I taught myself a design course at the start of the day, so I could use it in today's work. The course I chose today was the floor plan course.

With my knowledge lodged into my brain, I went over to see Isabelle, to build the final facility she had for me - the cafe. We then headed over to the construction site, and she allowed me to chose an exterior. Like the shop, there were multiple exteriors to chose from, so I won't include them all except for the one I chose. Once I had chosen the exterior, my new floor plan course allowed me to chose the floor layout of the cafe, and I decided to go with the largest one to give me room to work with.

Like all facilities, there were no interior items that I had to use, but there were a few group rules - the cafe must have two tables, four chairs and one cash register. It took me a while to decide what style I wanted the cafe to be - originally I wanted it to be like a diner cafe, but the vision I had didn't seem to work - so instead I turned it into a modern-like cafe. I even included the QR code if you want to check it out via the HHN.

With a newly built cafe, and all three facilities complete, Lottie told me that Isabelle wouldn't be back tomorrow (and wouldn't be back until she had cleared more permits), and that I would have to find a client outside for work tomorrow. She then went on (as usual), to tell me to write up my daily report, and rest up for tomorrow.


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