Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 11

Still feeling the pain from the restaurant, I planned on doing another villager home, but I thought I may as well grab the bull by the horns, and instead decided to build another facility. However, before chatting with Isabelle, I studied my course for the day, the scenic sound course.

With my course complete, I went over to Isabelle, and decided to build the department store. As usual, Isabelle had me chose an exterior, and I don't remember which one I chose, oops - it was either the white brick, or brown brick - and then I chose a floor plan.

Now the department store was a little troubling, there were four different rooms, an utterance, two shops, and a restaurant. As we already know, I've already struggled building a restaurant, and now they wanted me to build two more stores, which I've already built in the past... I really struggled finding any inspiration for these rooms, without repeating stuff I'd already used, and I'm really not that happy with how they turned out, but what can you do.

With the department store horribly built, I went back to Nook's Homes, and Lottie had me write up my daily report - but I wasn't done designing just yet. I really wanted to redeem myself for the department store, so I jumped on to the next day. I knew I wasn't going to do a facility today, so I ran outside to see who was around, and none other than O'Hare was there, wanting his dream home to be built. I was really happy to see him, because I've wanted to do his house for a while now. We started a meeting, and I chose his location and floor plan, and then I got to work on his house.

His exterior ended up begin something basic, yet nice. I tried to make his exterior as relaxing as I could, and I really like what I made. I'll probably come back to edit it later though, when I've got a few more items to go with his theme,

With the exterior complete, I was able to go into his house and work on the interior. Like all clients, he gave me a few items that he wanted me to use, and luckily they were items that I had no problem using. I had a good idea for what to do for his house (probably because I stole inspiration from the early Japanese trailers), and made something nice and fitting. I actually really like how his house turned out, though I do think some parts are a little baron, but it's a design I'm happy with none the less. With his house complete, I earned myself the sighing emotion.


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