Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 12

Something that I forgot to include at the end of yesterdays blog post was the design course. Once I complete O'Hare's house, I went back to Nook's Homes and studied up on the fish course, allowing me to decorate with fish. Whilst still on the topic of design courses, as I started up work this morning, I learned the gyroid course, allowing myself to decorate with gyroids.

Once I learned my new course for the day, I noticed Isabelle hanging around, and decided to speak with her. She still had the same facilities needed building, and today I decided to go with the office. We headed over to the construction site, and I chose an exterior, which I can't remember again, but I think I chose the middle/modern one. With the exterior chosen, I plucked out a floor plan, and then got onto designing the interior.

It took me a while to find something that I liked, but I'm actually really happy with the end product. I've included the HHN QR code at the end if you want to check it out!

Back at Nook's Homes, Lottie wanted me to write up my daily report, so I did that, but with such an easy day today, I happily went onto the next day on the job. I didn't feel like doing another facility, so instead I hit up the streets looking for clients myself. Outside I saw Diana, who wanted a serene space home, and I felt this was something I could do, so I took her in for a consult.

With all the requirements complete, I was able to take her over to her plot and get to work on her house. Her house was a little trickier than I thought it would be, especially her exterior, which probably wasn't helped by the small plot I use, but I managed to create something sweet and simple for her garden.

With that complete, I went on inside her house, where she had a few items she wanted me to use in her design. Thankfully, they were all small items that could easily be incorporated into almost any design. I kind of wish I had chosen a bigger floor plan for her house, so I had some more space to put her items, but I didn't want to be left with too much room, and not enough design ideas. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with how her house turned out. Upon completion of her house, I learned myself the bashfulness emotion.

Now that my working day was over, I headed back to Nook's Homes, and studied a new course since I forgot to do one this morning, and earned the ability to decorate with fossils.


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