Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 14

With Isabelle gone, and all my design courses complete, there wasn't much to do today except hit up the street and look for a client, and that's exactly what I did. Outside were a handful of villagers, being Bill, the MJ homage ant eater (I forget his name), and Erik. Since I have Bill's amiibo card and can design his house whenever I want, and wasn't that interested in MJ's request, I decided to go with Erik.

Erik was a villager I loved ever since I saw him in New Leaf (though, I never did get him in my town), so I was really excited to design his house. I chose an exterior plot to help fir his mountain themed home, and off I went to give him his dream home.

His exterior wasn't too hard to complete. I just wanted to make a mountainous camp-themed area, which I managed to do - though basic, I really like the exterior.

With his exterior complete, I was able to work on the interior. Now, one of the main reasons I was excited for Erik's house (apart from him being cute), is that one of my Favorited furniture sets, the cabin theme, works really well with his persona. Unfortunately, he didn't come packaged with the cabin series, and I had to use the few items that I had unlocked, and a few more one-off pieces to match his theme. I'll admit, I am a little disappointed I didn't get to use the entire cabin series for his house, but when I unlock it all I'll certainly be back and redesigning his home. After I completed his home, I learned the sneezing emotion (which I thought was rather fitting).

With Erik's house complete, it was onto another day, and Isabelle was back at Nook's Homes with a new permit, this time for a music hall and hotel. I really didn't feel like making any more facilities for the time being, so I went outside to find a client, instead.

Outside were a few villagers, none of them very exciting, so I was tempted to go back inside and do one of the facilities, but I finally chose which client I'd be working with today - none other than Fuchsia. Her request (a rebels hang out) was unique, so I thought this would make for a real hangout.

Her exterior was a slight challenge. Obviously, I couldn't do anything too classy, so I had to make it look messy and abandoned, so I did exactly that. It's not something I particularly like, but it went with the clients request, so what can you do.

With the exterior done, I got to work on the interior, and as usual, had a few items that she wanted me to use (all items I could work with, thank God). The items she wanted me to use were a little different from the vision I had - her vision seemed more like a room with a bar-esque vibe, rather than a "rebel hangout", but I guess they couldn't put a bar in an Animal Crossing (though that had a club in New Leaf so idk). Regardless of the transaction issue, I'm rather happy with the interior I put together (definitely a step up form the exterior), and learned the disagreement emotion upon request (again, rather fitting for the situation, imo).

Usually I design one-two homes/facilities per day, but I was in a designing mood today, and went on to complete yet another house. I went outside to see who was around, and I stumbled upon Bianca, who wanted a snowman themes home. I was happy to take on her request, so I picked a plot location, and off we went (and no, my decision was not influenced by my love for winter in Animal Crossing!!).

A little different this time, but instead of having the requested items in the interior, Bianca had her requested items on the exterior, both being snowman items. I did find it a little hard to make a snowman themed house for an exterior, but it was something I was somewhat happy with anyway.

I then went to work on the interior, which I decked out with the infamous snowman furniture. I would have liked to use a little more than just snowman furniture, but since I didn't have many other winter themed items to use, I had to make do with what I had. After completing her house, I learned myself the sadness emotion.


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