Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 10

Making sure I didn't forget, as soon as I walked into work today, I headed over to my desk to study up on one of the design course, and today I chose the sewing course, which allowed me to use the sewing machine on the second floor.

Once I checked out the sewing machine upstairs, I headed down to speak with Isabelle, and decided to build the restaurant. I chose an exterior and a floor plan, and then got to work on the inside.

The restaurant was probably the hardest one to design so far. I'd already designed a cafe, and a restaurant is basically a more formal version of a cafe, so it was just like remaking the same thing, but in a more posh way. It really took me forever to find something I was happy with - I wanted to go with a Japanese style at first, but the more I tried to do that, the more I ended up getting lost with the design, so essentially, I ended up going with a simple, yet classy style. I think the space in the middle is a little bare, but there really wasn't anything I could think of to go there.

With the restaurant complete, I headed back to work HQ and Lottie told me to write up my daily report. Even though I was tired from designing the restaurant, which seemed to drain my energy, I took no time to jump into the next day of work. Like the previous work day, I made sure to learn the design course at the start of the day so I wouldn't forget it. This time I learned the windows and door course, allowing myself to customize windows and doors inside villagers homes.

After the drama with the restaurant, I really wasn't in the mood to design another facility today, and wanted a more relaxing day (though a day on the job is never that relaxing), so I decided to go out on the town and look for a client the old fashioned way. Outside were the villagers Sylvia, Monique, and Deirdre. Sylvia wanted a place with a pool where children could play, Monique wanted a solemn home, and Deirdre wanted a autumn themed home. I was tossing up between Monique and Deirdre (Sylvia was out of the question as her request was too similar to Carrie's), and I decided to go with Deirdre since autumn is my favorite season.

With Deirdre picked up as my next client, the usual meeting with Lottie started up. I picked out her exterior plot and floor plan, and then we went to work right away. Her exterior was really fun to make, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, which I think is complemented by the plot location I chose, I really like the train running through the back.

With her exterior complete I went on to to her interior, where she had given me some items she wanted me to use. The items she gave me would have been items I'd have used anyway, so I was really glad she wanted me to use them. Her house wasn't that hard to design either, as she came packaged with the entire mushroom series, so it was basically just a mater of figuring out what to go where. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with how her house turned out, it's not my best work, but I think I was still pretty drained from doing the restaurant the day prior. But Deirdre seemed to like her house, and I guess that's the main thing, and I learned myself the delight emotion.


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