Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 2

As soon as I showed up for work, Lottie was there, ready and waiting, eager for me to come and speak to her. I made my way over to Lottie, and she handed me a client list, filled with all the clients I'd worked with, though the list was minimal, with only one client - Goldie. Since the day was early, and it was very quiet, Lottie suggested I go over and visit Goldie to see how she was doing

Upon Lottie's request, I rushed on over to Goldie's house, who was still happy with the interior remodel I had given her the day prior. Inside, she told me how to take photos to share with friends, and also how to invite villagers over through the use of amiibo cards. I decided to invite Bill over, and he and Goldie seemed to really hit it off.

Once I was done living it up in Goldie's house, I returned to the workplace, where I found out Lyle was in a frazzle. He seemed distressed due to a client who had left due to not liking Lyle's designing capabilities. Lottie had the ingenious idea of having me design the clients house, so out I went to greet the client, who was none other than Lopez! Lopez wanted a stylish, metropolitan styled home, and asked if I was up for the job - I agreed.

Once I had accepted Lopze's request, we took the town car to his house, and I began my work. He had a few items he wanted me to use, which were certainly items I could work with. I took my time, playing around with his house, and ended up with something I really ended up liking, and so did Lopez. After I was done he took a look around his newly decorated house, and I learned the mistaken emotion.

With that done, I returned back to Nook's Homes and wrote up my daily report to end the day, before soon quickly jumping back on for my next big day on the job, though the day wasn't at all that "big"... I showed up to work, but it turns out Lottie had nothing for me to do, and she instead suggest I go out on the town and look for a client. Outside were both Tangy and Ribbot, both their dream homes were boring and generic, and I really didn't want to do either of them, but I had to, and I decided to go with Tangy since hers was the most boring of the two, and I wanted to get it out of the way.

With Tangy in my hands for the day, we went on over to her house, and I created a fruity home as requested. She gave me a few items she wanted used, and I put them where I felt they would work. Unfortunately, all the items that went with Tangy's home weren't all that great, so her house was a real struggle to design, but overall I'm happy with the end product, which turned out much better than I imagined. I also learned the laughter reaction.

After completing Tangy's house, I returned back to Nook's Homes, where Lottie told me that Tom Nook himself would be personally greeting clients tomorrow, which is a scare having the boss in the workplace. Lottie said I was done for the day and wanted me to write up my daily report, but before I did I went upstairs to the change rooms to give my player a makeover, to have him look like my New Leaf mayor, though I'll probably end up changing him later.


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