Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 5

As I walked into work today, I saw Lottie speaking with her uncle Lyle, and also noticed something peculiar that wasn't there the day before - the amiibo phone! With the amiibo phone, I could use Animal Crossing amiibo cards to call villagers and have them come in with their requests. This is definitely a great idea, because now I can design my favorite villager's houses without having to wait for them to show up!

Before I decided whether or not I actually wanted to use the amiibo phone today, I headed outside to see who was hanging around, and the two villagers present were Pecan and Colton. Both their requests didn't really interest me (Colton wanting a noble, stylish house, and Pecan, from Day 3, wanting a relaxed, chic home), so I went bask inside to test out the amiibo phone.

Inside I went, and dialled up the amiibo phone. I grabbed my pile of amiibo cards, ploughing through to see who I should call in, and ultimately decided on one of my favorites, Luna. She came in after our phone conversation, and allowed me to design her home however I wanted. There was a problem though, I assumed her amiibo card would come with furniture to use in her house, but it only came with about 4 or so items, and out of the furniture that I had unlocked, I didn't feel any would go with her house. Because of this, I had to, unfortunately, cancel Luna's request and head back to Nook's Homes in search for another client.

On an unrelated note, since Special NPC houses are something I'm actually interested in doing, I'll probably save them all until the very end, and design their houses in special one-off blog posts every so often.

With cancelling Luna's request, I headed back to search for a new client, and went with Colton (because I really only want to use amiibo cards for Special NPC's, but I'll probably use them for villagers soon), and we went into a meeting, and after choosing his plot, I went to design his house... but again, he was similar to Luna, with his request, he only came with a handful of items, and I really couldn't think of anything to do for his house, so I had to cancel... again.

Third time lucky, I returned back to Nook's Homes, and this time decided to go with Pecan. I chose her plot - picking something small so I had less space to work with in case I couldn't make her home work either - and then went on to design her exterior. Her exterior ended up being very symmetrical, which is honestly something I find boring and generic, but it was the only think that I felt worked with such a small space, but I ended up liking the end product, regardless.

With her exterior complete, I headed on to the inside of her house and opened the boxes she wanted me to use. Fortunately, they were both items that I could work with, and I began working on her house right away. After some fine-tuning I finally created something that I liked, and informed Pecan I had finished. She seemed to like the house, as most villagers do, and I learned the curiosity reaction.

With Pecan's house complete, alongside a busy day, I headed back to Nook's Homes, where Lottie informed me that Tom Nook was interested in speaking with me in the morning. I was a little worried at first, but Lottie quickly told me that he sounded happy over the phone, meaning it could only be a good thing with him wanting to see me. Once our conversation was over, she told me to write up my daily report, and rest up for my meeting with Tom Nook tomorrow.


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