Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 6

Tom Nook greeted me the moment I walked in - I knew he was going to come in today, but I didn't expect him to be here this early! He had two pieces of news to tell me. Firstly, he assigned me the leader of town development, after seeing my work on the school, and that Isabelle would be in tomorrow to discuss them in further detail, and secondly, he had a small surprise for me! On my desk was my very own Happy Home Handbook, where I could study up on courses and further my design ability. He was even feeling so generous, that he gave me my first course for free!

Once Tom Nook had left, Lottie essentially gave me a TL;DR version of what Tom Nook had just said - Isabelle would be in tomorrow, and I could get my first course for free. With that in mind, I headed over to my desk and checked out my new handbook, and studied the ceiling course, allowing me to display items on the ceiling! With the handbook, I could now learn a new course each day, until I had completed them all.

Now that I had some new skills under my belt, I went outside to see who was hanging around with any requests that took my fancy, and Roscoe, Pekoe, and Kitty were all outside, each with their own unique requests - Roscoe wanted a black and white home, Pekoe wanted an exotic resort, and Kitty wanted her house to have a cafe vibe.

After taking a few moments to think, I decided to go with Kitty (though I was really tempted to take in Pekoe), and we went inside to start out meeting. With a plot of land chosen, we went on our way to start designing her dream home. Like Carrie, Kitty also had an item in he exterior plot she wanted me to use, and thankfully it was something small that I could work with. I then began landscaping her exterior, and created something I really like.

With her exterior compete, we headed inside to work on the interior. She had also given me some items that she wanted me to use on the inside, which gave me a bit of trouble. I'd already used one of the items she wanted on the inside on the outside, and I didn't want to make the two seem identical, but I managed to create something different from the exterior. All in all, I do like what I managed to do with her house, but I feel like I could have done it better, and plan on going back once I've unlocked more items. For completing her house, I earned myself the distress reaction.

Another day, another house, and the working day was over. As usual, Lottie wanted me to rest up, especially since Isabelle was coming in tomorrow, and I did exactly that.


  1. lol , the cat isnt Olivia , Its Kitty ^^;


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