Nintendo Direct Mini - 1.11.2018

After weeks of rumours, Nintendo finally dropped their latest Nintendo Direct out of the blue, in a mini presentation.

Whilst nothing jaw dropping was revealed during the presentation, a number of small tid-bits were revealed with upcoming releases. Most notably, Pokken Tournament DX will be receiving two DLC patches, one containing Aegislash as a playable fighter, with Mega Rayquaza and Mimiyku as support Pokemon, and the second including Blastoise as a playable character, with Mew and Celebi as the supports. Hyrule Warriors will also be receiving a third definitive version , which meshes both the Wii U and 3DS versions (including DLC) together, for one big blow out on the Switch. The game will also include two character costumes for Zelda and Link based off Breath of the Wild. Mario Tennis Aces will also be arriving on the Switch sometime during the fall, and let's not forget Kirby Star Allies will be releasing in March.

On the topic of Mario, Super Mario Odyssey will be receiving a free DLC patch in February, adding online connectivity in a new mode called Luigi's Balloon Mode, which works more or less like hide-and-seek. The DLC pack will also include new outfits, and new filters for the in game camera. To tie things up, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze will be ported to the Nintendo Switch, and include Funky Kong as a new playable character, which will act as the games "easy mode". Donkey Kong will also be receiving some more love as a new playable character in Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle, with the third DLC pack, alongside a new story and new world based on the Donkey Kong series. Though the biggest surprise in the Direct may have been the reveal that Dark Souls will be coming to Nintendo Switch in May.

Many more announcements also took place during the Direct, and you can watch the full presentation below!

Whilst many fans may have felt let down by the direct, this was only a mini presentation with a taste of things to come. There's no doubt there will be much bigger titles revealed in the near future.


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