10 Things We Want To See In Animal Crossing Switch

With the year of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch in full swing, we can only wait and see what's in store for us when we get our first glimpse of the game, whenever that may be. To help lesser the length of the wait, here are 10 things we want to see in Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch!

1. New Villagers, Trees, Flowers, Fruits, and Bushes

This one seems inevitable, as we've seen it with happen with every future instalment of the series. With Pocket Camp, we've seen new Special Characters added - such as the OK Motors Crew - plus an assortment of new flower types. Now we have hybrids of hybrids, such as red-blue pansies, gothic roses, dahlias, sleeping beauty flowers, not to mention the carious Pocket Camp exclusive items within the mobile title. With these Pocket Camp exclusives, we expect at least some of them to be transferred to the Switch title, but as for the rest, let's hope there's some originals! In fact, Tumblr user noodleverse has already conceptualised some new bushes and trees!

2. Don't Forget the Spin-Off Titles!

Both the spin-off titles added stuff the Main Series can learn from. Happy Home Designer allowed us to hang furniture on the walls and ceiling of our homes, and whilst the Welcome amiibo update let us display stuff on walls, the ceiling aspect has yet to be seen in the Main Series. Pocket Camp also gave us our own RV Camper, and whilst we expect the game to give us some sort of the "campsite" aspect we've seen added into the series over the last few years, we'd love to see a secondary area we can decorate for ourselves. Sure, New Leaf gave us the Museum display rooms, but there's something about the RV's that gives them a beautiful at-home vibe. HHD also gave us a number of town buildings to construct, such as the hospital and school, that would really expand the creation possibilities in the Main Series.Maybe we'll see the return of the island villa from the GameCube title. Allowing us to place furniture items outside, not just Public Works Projects, would be great, too, similar to the exterior garden aspects in HHD.

3. More Weather

The game already has numerous types of weather climates, but what about making them more dynamic? When it rains, puddles will be on the ground, during windy times leaf piles will start to build up, vigorous rain/snow storms, leaving villagers confined to their homes.  Even a dust storm every so often would be cool! Weather in video games is something we've always loved as it changes the way you view things, and Animal Crossing is a perfect franchise to fully explore this. Obviously, we wouldn't want weather to completely hinder gameplay, but adding more weather effects wouldn't go unappreciated. New Leaf added a few new weather effects, but they really weren't that visible.

4. Tiered Towns

Something that I've found made the town more layered was tiered towns, and I'm not talking about just the beach! I understand why this feature may have been removed form New Leaf, with all the Public Works Projects added, but that doesn't make me want the feature to come back any less. It really added a whole new layer to the towns, both figuratively and literally, and if the town is big enough, I don't see it being that much of a hindrance towards PWP's. .

5. Expand on New Leaf's Features

New Leaf gave us a lot of new features, such as Public Works Projects and Ordinances, and we want to see these expanded! How about we get some more PWP's and Ordinances. Ordinances really allowed the player to customize their game to fit with their lifestyle, and giving players more of these options will only help those with busy lifestyles.

6. Revisit Older Concepts!

During New Leaf's development, we caught a glimpse at a concept map for the game, and a lot of things didn't end up making it into the game. We covered this more extensively in our New Leaf Deep Dive post, and these ideas are something we'd like to be revisited in this title.

7. Eight Player Online

They've already made a big deal out of numerous games (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) with how many players you can play with online, so the next logical step seems to bring that to Animal Crossing. It might get a little crazy with so many players in the town at once, but as long as you're with your friends, why should it matter. A game like Animal Crossing is very big on communication, and allowing more methods of doing so will only be an improvement.

8. Update The Inventory

New Leaf saw a slight update, allowing players to hold a whopping 16 items as opposed to 15, and gave us the joke book to hold all our emotions among other things, but why stop there? How about we update the map to be able to track visitors in the town so you don't lose track of your 7 friends visiting, or even a toolbox item so your valuable items don't take up pocket space.

9. More Events

Many of the older titles had an array of events, such as the morning aerobics, car washing, and even neat one-offs such as soccer balls lying around town. It would be great if these evens got brought back, as well as a stack of new ones. Once again, Tumblr user noodleverse has been quick to share some ideas, with the idea of Squatchie visiting the town. He is a sasquatch and will challenge the players to three rounds of hide-and-seek. The more rounds you win, the better rewards you get. We think this is a great idea and would love to see it come to life!

10. A First-Person Perspective

Hold on! We don't mean we want the entire game to turn into a first-person game, but we would like the option to be able to view the town in a first-person mode. Imagine standing on the island and looking across the ocean in a first person view, watching the clouds go by and the waves crashing. Why not add an in-game camera that you can use to shoot pictures in this mode as well? Animal Crossing has always been about designing and playing the game your way, and this would only add to that. The ability to print these photos out in game and display them in your home would be great, too. This one seems like a long shot and the most improbable on this list, but hey, a person can dream, right?

Okay so maybe we lied and included a little more than 10 features we want to see, but with a game like Animal Crossing, the possibilities are endless, and there's just so many things we want to see. Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!


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