Add a Special Passimian and Oranguru with Pokémon Bank!

Pokemon Bank is a paid online subscription service that allows users to store their Pokemon online in the Cloud. Each year, the Pokemon Company have offered exclusive Pokemon to subscribers, and this year is no different, offering players a Passimian and Oranguru with their hidden abilities.

As of this post, neither of these Pokemon can have their Hidden Ability in game, so this is currently the only way to obtain them. Passimian will have the ability Defiant, which raises its attack by two stages each time a stat is lowered, and Oranguru will have the ability Symbiosos, which will allow Oranguru to pass its held item over to its partner in a double battle once theirs is used up.

To obtain these Pokemon, all you need to do is have an active Pokemon Bank subscription by October 31st, 2019, start up Pokemon Bank, and then receive your gift from the delivery person in any Pokemon Center from your Gen VII games. Note that the Pokemon you obtain is one per Pokebank Account, not per game, so you can only get these Pokemon once!



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