Galarian Ponyta Revealed in 24 Hour Pokemon Live Stream

Not too long ago, The Pokemon Company held a 24 hour live stream in the Glimwood Tangle Forest, a new area in the Galar region. After teasing for hours, a mysterious new Pokemon showed a few glimpses of itself, before finally unveiling itself in full right near the end.

The Pokemon shown off appears to be a Galarian variant of Ponyta, with many fans speculating it to be Fairy type. It wasn't until the end of the live stream we got a decent glimpse of the Pokemon, where two Ponyta appeared! Twitter user Melwin5359 has uploaded their majestic appearance to their timeline, which you can view below. It's worth nothing that only one had an apparent tail. Whether this is a gender difference, or something else entirely, only time will tell.
Whilst this new Pokemon hasn't officially been confirmed as Galarian Ponyta, their resemblance is uncanny, and Ponyta's cry was heard numerous times through out the live stream, so all evidence seems to support the theory. We expect an official reveal in the coming days.


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