Animal Crossing Themed Kitchenware Coming to Nintendo Tokyo

Japan's first official Nintendo store is set to open in Toyko on November 22nd, and they've just revealed a line of cooking related Animal Crossing merchandise!

Previously, only small amounts of Animal Crossing merch were revealed, most of it tied to Nintendo franchises, though you could buy a tote bag or key ring that was exclusively Animal Crossing. Newly revealed this morning was a wave of exclusive Animal Crossing cooking merchandise!

Thankfully the website lists what items are for sale as well as their price. Item #1 is a cooking pot that will set you back 4,500 yen, item #2 is an oven mitt for 1,300 yen, #3 is a mug for 1,00 yen (my personal favorite), #4 and #5 are a large and small canister, for 2,400 and 1,500 yen respectively, #6 is a small storage jar for 680 yen, and #7 and #8 are a big and small container for 1,200 and 1,400 yen each.

To those who live in Japan, this is an incredibly cute way to have your own Animal Crossing themed kitchenware! Hopefully even more Animal Crossing themed merch will be revealed closer to launch. Nintendo Tokyo is set to open on November 22nd.


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