First Batch of New Horizons Switch Accessories Announced for The West

With all the hustle and bustle of the lovely New Horizons themed Switch console, it was easy to miss these Switch accessories that will be coming to the west in March. If you're not in a position to afford the snazzy limited edition Switch console, these accessories might just be able to give you that Animal Crossing fix for a cheaper price!

The accessories will be released by hori, and will have two designs, one for the Switch Lite, and the other for the Regular model. These designs are ones that have already been revealed in Japan, but will now be available in the west.

So far, you can order these cases on Amazon US and UK, and are exclusive EB Games in Australia. It's great seeing a bunch of Animal Crossing accessories come to the west, and it's only a matter of time until we see some more!

We would also like to take the time to apologize in the delay with reporting the latest news. Due to full time work + technical issues server side, it was difficult to report on this news in a timely manner. We hope to improve in the coming weeks!

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