Hori to Release New Horizons Themed Switch Accessories in Japan

It's been a busy week for Animal Crossing fans with a tonne of pre-order bonuses announced, but this time we've been treated to something that will be available outside of pre-orders, a number of Nintendo Switch accessories that are decked out with an Animal Crossing theme.

There are 6 accessories that will be released, and are officially Nintendo licensed products, produced by Hori. Currently they're only available in Japan, but the good news is these accessories will ship to parts of the US, so if you really want some and are willing to pay extra shipping, you can easily get your hands on them via Amazon, but unfortunately most of them are out of stock at the present.

The accessories you can get your hands on are namely covers for your Switch, including carry bags, and a back-case for those that have a Switch Lite, but they also have a tote bag, a play-stand if you like to play in tabletop mode, and a storage bag for all your accessories. You can view the images below, or check them out on Amazon here.

If we ever played in tabletop mode (which we don't), we'd certainly pick up the play-stand. We really love the storage case, and the shoulder/tote bags, but we don't travel enough to justify a purchase, but we are very tempted.

Currently these accessories haven't been announced outside of Japan, but Hori has released a number of accessories in other counties in the past, so it's possible they may come to the west at some point. As always, be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr for the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news.


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