Sign Ups Now Open for Galar Newcomers Online Competition

The second official online competition for Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to go underway at the end of the month, and just for participating you can net yourself an easy 50 BP (that's Battle Points for those who aren't up to date with the Pokemon lingo).

Like most online competitions, this one has a rule set, limiting the use of only Pokemon that were introduced in the Galar region, and thankfully this included regional variants. You can find more information over at the official website. To sing up, simply open up the menu and select the VS option. From there, select Battle Stadium, Online Competitions, then Search Official Competitions, and you're all set. Sign ups will last until 3:59PM PST on January 30th, with the competition kicking off the next minute, lasting through to February 2nd at 3:39PM PST.

Though the reward is only 50 BP this time around, official tournaments have been known to give out exclusive Pokemon, including Shiny's, in the past. If you're looking to build a decent team later on, it'd be a good idea to nab the free 50 BP to help get you started!


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