Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 12

Today was finally the day The Able Sisters opened up! I feel like I've been waiting much longer than 2 days at this point, and we also had our very first visit from Flick! I had to go to work early this morning, so I wasn't able to check The Able Sisters out until later tonight, but I did stop by and speak with Flick.

Apparently, Flick will buy any bugs at a premium price, more than the Nooklings purchase for, so I guess if I'm ever lucky enough to find another rare bug island, I may as well save them for Flick. He also runs a special modelling service, where he'll produce a model of any bugs you're able to bring him 3 live specimens of. I didn't have any ready for him as I wasn't expecting him to rock up like this, but I equipped my net and searched Nublar for some bugs, and managed to nab 3 Monarch Butterflies. I handed them over to him, which he gladly took from me, and said he'd mail me the model later. As of right now, I haven't received it yet, so I guess I'll be showing that off in tomorrows post.

Once again, I invited Hornsby to the Island in an attempt to move him in. This time he wanted me to bring him some Large Cardboard Boxes, an odd choice, but okay. I luckily had 5 Cardboard Boxes in my house, which is what I needed to craft the larger variety. I handed it over to Hornsby, but still no luck. Here's hoping third times a charm!

As for the resident, the plot I laid down yesterday had been sold to Hopper. I also moved Midge's house to a planned out space, and for those wondering, my mishap yesterday with plot-laying turned out fine, so there's nothing to worry about there (at least, for now). I also received my gift from Gulliver, the Tower of Pisa. You can probably tell I changed up my look too, which I decided to do last night. I thought the Nook Inc. get-up was getting old.

On the Turnip front, the AM price was 196, which was high compared what we had, but I decided to hold off and take the gamble. After all, it was only the second day of the market. Luckily I did, because once I got home from work and checked the prices, they'd sky rocketed to an incredible 537 Bells! I sold all the Turnips I had for a total of 537,000 Bells, and also invited a couple of people over on our Discord server to sell theirs as well. I kind of wish I bought more Turnips now, but considering how last week went I don't blame myself. Hopefully I'll get this lucky next week, too!

By the time I got home from work, I was able to check out the new Tailor. It was much nicer than it's been in previous titles, and also offers a much larger variety of clothing options. Mabel welcomed me with open arms, and gave me an overview of the services offered. Sable on the other hand was very quiet, so it looks like it'll take some time for her to warm up to us.

I totally forgot about holding the completion ceremony until after the shop had closed, but that didn't stop everyone from attending. Now I just have to move Nook's Cranny next door and we'll have a nice little shopping alley way in Nublar.

Celeste was also spotted wandering around in the evening. I spoke with her, and learned another unique DIY recipe, the Aries Rocking Chair. It's a nice looking item, but looks like it costs a nice chunk of rare materials to craft. I've been looking in the sky all night to see if there are any shooting stars about, but I've had no such luck yet.

Golden Tools *spoilers ahead*
Usually I wouldn't post about this here - but I've done this just in case people want to avoid spoilers - and I plan on making a more in-depth guide on them, but last night I figured out how to get the Golden Axe. Turns out you have to break a total of 100 axes (flimsy, stone, standard, it doesn't matter), then you'll learn the DIY recipe for the Golden Axe. It costs 1 Gold Nugget and a regular Axe to craft, and can still break, it just lasts a lot longer.

Gamexplain has also posted a video getting the Golden Watering Can, which is obtained after achieving a 5-star rating. You craft it the same as well, 1 Gold Nugget and 1 Watering Can - so this seems to be the standard for the rest of the tools.

As for the rest, I don't know how they're obtained. I assume the Net/Fishing Rod are done by completing the Critterpedia, but the Shovel and Slingshot I have no idea. I'm thinking the Shovel maybe follows the same principle as the Axe, and I'll test that out later. I've also placed a Shovel in one of the glowing spots in the ground and will dig that up after a week, though I doubt that'll work. As for the Slingshot, I'm thinking maybe you get it after completing all "It's Raining Treasure!" Nook Miles tasks, which is shooting down 300 Balloon Presents. Either way, I'm currently looking into the ways we can get the Golden Tools, so stay tuned!

*end spoilers*

That just about wraps us up for today. I did a couple of other minor things, such as checking out Olaf's house (which admittedly does look rather nice), bought a new outfit at the Able Sisters, which I think will look nice once it starts getting a little colder.

Site wise, I'll do most guide updates on the weekend. Tomorrow is April 1st/April Fools, so I'm sure there'll be some new catches around to update the Bug/Fish guide. There also might be an April Fools Day event - and of course, the Bunny Day event starts tomorrow. So there's going to be a large chunk for me to catch up on, so I'll probably start jotting down info during the week. I should be finishing up work early tomorrow so that'll give me a nice little head start.


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