Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 3

Ahh, our third day in Nublar, time really is flying by! Nook opened up with his Island-Wide Broadcast again to give us a quick run down of what was happening. According to his morning speech, The Museum was still under construction, which isn't the best of news for all my critters stuck in storage, but my fingers are crossed it'll officially open up tomorrow. The Shop had opened up, however, with Timmy and Tommy taking on the responsibility of running it. Midway through the Broadcast, Nook receive an odd phone call, and again after the Broadcast ended. He never seemed to mention it again, so it still remains a mystery of who it could be...

We had a few letters in the mail this morning. One was from a character named Daisy Mae, who told us she'd be visiting Nublar every Sunday morning to sell some Turnips. Two were from the HHA and contained a couple of vacuums as gifts... I guess the HHA doesn't think our house is up to par? And the final letter was from Gulliver, who gifted us a Pagoda. I really like the item, but don't think it's fit for my house. I'll probably place it somewhere on Nublar once we've developed it a little more. Thanks Gulliver!

A couple of other things worth noting, The Museum had a tarp over it. I'm really hoping this means they've gone full-force into construction mode and it'll be ready tomorrow, this wait is really killing me. The tree we planted in the glowing spot also successfully sprouted, no signs on whether or not it's gonna flourish with Bells though... And of course, our house received its expansion overnight! It does look a little empty now, with so much space and barely any furniture, but I'm all hoping that changes in the coming days.

Rory was out for his morning run and caught my eye. We really wanted to grab our attention, and thankfully we took the time to talk to him, because he taught us a new skill - Reactions! We learned four right off the bat, but it seems there's a tonne more for us to learn!

Since my house was getting bigger, I though it'd be a good time to thank Nook for his hard work. He officially gave me my loan of a whopping 198,000 Bells, but because I'd earned a tonne of Bells, I was able to pay it off right away! Tom once again thanked me, and offered to further expand my house. This time, we'll be receiving an additional room in the back. Not sure what I'm going to put in there, or even in the Main Room for that matter... I also stumbled across a Rusted Part in the storage box... I don't really know what this is, maybe it's a leftover from Gulliver's visit yesterday? Whatever it was, I grabbed it and put it in my storage, just in case we need it later.

Then it dawned on me, that's right, the Shop had been completed. We spoke with Nook again (honestly, I'm sure he's getting tired of us at this point!), and we headed over the Nook's Cranny to hold a nice little ceremony. All of Nublar's residents came to see the grand opening; Nook's Cranny is now officially open!

With the ceremony complete, I decided to head inside to see what all the fuss was about. Inside, the Nookling duo were speaking to a familiar face, Mabel. They were talking to her about all the stock they had, and how they didn't have a clothing supply. Mabel offered to drop by every so often to sell some clothing items. Guess we'll be seeing her in the coming days. Hopefully she has some nice clothing!

Now that all introductions were done, it was time to take a look at their fine wares. None of their furniture items really took my fancy, but in their back display cupboard, they had another new DIY recipe book, which I decided to purchase. All it really gave me was a handful of basic wooden items, which I probably wont use, but at least the option to craft them is there!

...Oh yeah. When we were speaking with Nook before, he mentioned that three new Islanders would be moving here soon (I assume Flora, Midge and Tucker), but wanted to make Nublar a little more homey for them. He wanted to ensure they'd have a Home to settle into (not a Tent!), and wanted to make sure they could access all Nublar had to offer. First off, he wanted me to build a Bridge to help connect Nook's Cranny to the mainland, and sent the DIY recipe over my way.

So, to build this Bridge, we needed some Log Stakes (which we could make from Branches), some Clay, and a few Stones. The materials weren't too hard to gather, as I already had a huge amount of Clay and Stones from yesterdays Mystery Tours when I was gathering Iron Ore, and as we know, it's never been too difficult to get Branches in Nublar, so we were able to craft the Bridge in no time!

Now we just had to decide where to put the Bridge... Nook said he wanted to connect the Island properly, so I figured the best option would be placing it directly across from Nook's Cranny. Thankfully, there were two very spacious areas either side of the River where the Bridge sat nicely. Hopefully this isn't a long drawn out construction like The Museum and is completed by tomorrow.

As you can see, the day started off nice and sunny, but soon turned overcast, and not long after came a huge down pour of rain, with a thunderstorm later this afternoon. A little rain wasn't going to stop me from completing chores on Nublar, so I continued about my day, even if I was getting a little wet.

Since the Bridge had been planned out, I headed back to Resident Services to inform Nook of the good news. It was now time for the second task, putting down some Housing Plots so the new Residents didn't have to rough it in a Tent. Thankfully I didn't need to craft anything for these. I scurried Nublar's spacious land and found three spots right near Rory's Tent to place the plots.

With the Plots placed, I now had to complete yet another task. These plots would only give the Residents a place to live, but of course they'd need furniture. Nook had me covered as each Plot came with a list of furniture items to help them feel more like a home.

All the items I needed looked pretty basic, and Nook flicked over a copy of the DIY recipes so I could start creating them. The only issue was creating a Windflower Wreath... I'd never used Flowers to craft before, but once again, Nook had me covered. Even though we'd already grabbed a few flowers on the Mystery Tours we went on, most of those were Cosmos. These wreaths required Windflowers, thus, we learned how to build a Ladder to access the higher parts of Nublar where the Windflowers flourished.

Gaining the Ladder opened up a whole other side of Nublar! We were no longer confined to the ground levels, and had much more land to explore. Most of it was just a baron wasteland though, but I'm sure in due time we'll get it up to scratch, we've already come a long way from when we first landed!

Windflowers in hand, it was time to craft all these items. Even though we had a large supply of materials tucked away in storage, I still fell short with what I needed. Luckily all I was missing were a few pieces of wood, which weren't too hard to come by. Finally, I was able to fulfil all furniture requests, just in time for Nublar's newest arrivals!

To show his gratitude, Nook gave me 50 fencing pieces, that I could use around Nublar to create secluded areas, or even garden beds. I really didn't have any ideas for where to use these at the present, so off to storage they went! He also gave us a small update to the Nook Terminal, now there'd be a number of DIY Fencing Recipes available to redeem for Nook Miles, which would rotate daily. These will sure come in handy!

We'd done a tonne of work already, I wanted to take some time off and relax. I decided to go on another Mystery Tour to take the weight off my shoulders, though the tour wasn't all that exciting... The fruit on the Island were Apples, which were already in abundance on Nublar. I figured I'd make the most of my time here though and do a little fishing... but every single "fish" was a piece of Trash... I must have fished up a good 20+ "fish", and all I got were tin cans, boots, tires, and the occasional stone. Cleaning up all the Trash did feel good though, and I also got an idea for a couple more DIY recipes to recycle the clutter.

Since the tour was a flop, I decided to open up Nublar for visitors, and got a visit from an old friend, Zachary from Bunny Blue - if anyone read the old New Leaf blogs, you might very well remember him! We didn't get around to too much other than a little fishing, but it sure was nice to have a travel companion, even if it was just for a short time. You can find Zachary, as well as many other players over on our Discord Server.

That was really it for the day. I did find another message bottle washed up on the beach (which seems to be a daily occurrence), and did some more crafting to make a small camping area over at the Western Pier. We also had a small meteor shower last night, and I was able to wish on a Shooting Star. I'm sure the two events are related, because this morning there was a Star Fragment appeared on the Beach. Much like the Rusted Part, I don't know what it's use is exactly, but I've kept it anyway. ...and I did connect to Pocket Camp to grab a code for the items... but I totally forgot to download them off the eShop. Guess that's another thing for tomorrow!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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