Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 7

Day 7... We've now spent an entire week in Nublar, that sure flew by. Looking back at all the progress I've made, I can't say I'm disappointed! I could also see during Nook's announcement that Mabel had finally set up at the Resident Services Square.

Mabel was of course, my first stop where I hurried over to check out what she was selling. She really dind't have anything that peaked my interest, but I want her to set up her shop on Nublar really bad, so I decided to buy one of everything. 

On the Turnip front, there were yet again on the rise. 159 in the morning and 168 in the evening. Hopefully tomorrow they'll spike a little over the 200 mark and I can sell for a sweet profit. The gamble is really getting to me.

The soil must be very rich in nutrients from all the rain yesterday, because a tonne of hybrid flowers started sprouting! From what I could see, we had another Pink Cosmos, two Pink Windflowers, and a Blue one too. Now that we've got a decent chunk of rare flowers, I'm hoping I'm able breed them and get even more.

As I said yesterday, I really wanted to spent today doing a bunch of Mystery Tours and try my luck... Thankfully I actually got a decent Island, filled with Orange and Pink Cosmos, and a tonne of Emperor Butterflies. I grabbed 3 of each flower to take back to Nublar with me. With the amount of Tours I've taken it felt great to finally find a good Island, but I'm not sure if the time invested has been worth it.

Finally, Rory gave me some wooden frame glasses which I really like, sadly my face had been stung a lot today so they don't look to red hot at the moment, but hopefully tomorrow when my face is healed up I'll look alright.

And that wraps it up. Sorry blog posts have been short as of late. Like I said, with everything I've got going on it's hard to find a large chunk of time to explore, rather than just playing for the necessities. When I'm off on the weekend I'll have a heap more time to play, but it seems moving forward, that the weekdays are are going to have the shorter posts, and the weekends with the more meatier ones. I'm sure tomorrow at least should be pretty heavy content wise, due to the Resident Services upgrade!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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