Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Welcome To Nublar

After waiting what's felt like an eternity, March 20th has finally arrived, thus, we have received our Island Getaway Package, and have started Island Life. Below is the details of our very first day on The Island!

Timmy and Tommy were waiting for us at the Reception Desk to get started with out Getaway Package. First, we had to complete a passport, and were asked a few details, including our name and date of birth. Once we'd completed the paperwork, it was time to create our character!

After our passport was completed, it was time to decide which Island we were off to. We were first asked which hemisphere we wanted to live in, and chose the South to match our location. The Nooklings then gave us four different options, and after tossing up between a few (specifically the second and fourth), we finally decided which Island looked the best to us (number 4!). If worst comes to worst, we could always change it later with the Island Designer app.

With all that set, it was time for take off! After a short flight, we arrived on our new Island, alongside residents Plucky and Rory, two villagers I've never had in a game before. We then made our way over to the Resident Services Square to get started with our new adventure!

The Nooklings greeted up, alongside their uncle, Tom Nook, the one who designed the Getaway Package! After a short speech about Island life, we were gifted a Tent to set up, which would be our living quarters for the time being. We were given free range on where we wanted to place our Tent, and we chose the south-eastern corner of our map, just up from the beach.

After we'd placed out Tent, it was time to help the undecided Plucky and Rory on where to put there. They'd already picked out a spot they liked, but if we wanted them to live elsewhere, we were given the option to take them somewhere else. We had a quick look around The Island, but opted to place them where they initially chose. If we changed our minds later, we could always move their Tents anyway.

Now that everyone had a place to call home, it was time to report back to Tom Nook, who was eager to start a nice little initiation ceremony. First up, he wanted Plucky and Rory to tidy up the Resident Services Square, and for me to gather 10 tree branches, for us to make a campfire to keep us warm later tonight. Off I want to gather enough tree branches to create a cozy campfire

With 10 tree branches in hand, we gave them to Nook, and then were asked to gather some food so we didn't starve to death. Nook had already searched the Island to deduce that apples were plentiful, who wanted me to bring back 6 for our ceremony later this evening.

Now that everything had been complete, it was time to kick things off.. but something was missing, we'd just arrived on this Deserted Island, but it didn't have a name! Nook decided to hold a public vote on what we should name our Island, with everyone getting a say. Our pick was Nublar (a toss up between that and Windfall), and our residents liked the name. Nublar it was.

I was appointed the Resident Representative, and a toast was held for Nublar, and off kicked the celebrations. As newly appointed Resident Representative, we were invited to say a few words, and we chose the fitting option "a word or two!". We sat around the campfire, sipping our freshly pressed apple juice, and let the festivities begin!

We celebrated late into the night, until it was time to hit the hay. Nook gave us a Camping Cot to set up in our Tent to save us roughing it even more than we already were, thus we decided to call it a night. We said goodnight to our new friends, and made our way to our living quarters.

Our Camping Cot was place, and after a very long and tiring day, we soon drifted off to sleep... We're not sure if what happened next was a dream or not, but we met K.K. Slider who gave us a few tips, and told us that making friends would be very beneficial.

In the blink of an eye, we were woke up by the screams of Tom Nook, who wanted to see us right away. It took us a while to get out of bed, but it was time to see what Nook wanted...

...and that does it for our first day on Nublar. If you're interested to see what we got up to on our first official day, check back later today for a follow up post! If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


  1. Cool! im so excited to start playing... how does time manipulation work? have you had a chance to figure that out yet?


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