New Horizons Crossover Event Now Live in Pocket Camp

First announced in the Animal Crossing Direct, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would receive a crossover event to celebrate the launch of New Horizons. With just under a week until release, the crossover is now live in Pocket Camp, allowing players to craft numerous New Horizons themed furniture and items!

To celebrate the event, all players have been sent 20 Leaf Tickets, and will also receive an Aloha Shirt as a log-in bonus. You can also log in daily for bonuses, to receive daily prizes for up to 8 days.

For the rest of the rewards, Tom Nook will be holding a special Fishing Tourney, asking players to catch Island horse mackerel, red snapper, olive flounder and tuna - which can be recognized as a sparkling fish in the water. If you reach a total size goal Tom Nook will reward you with special prizes, including the DAL Seaplane and Nook Inc. Tourney Banner after reaching a certain point.

You can also craft Timmy and Tommy's Nook Inc. Banner for 50 Leaf Tickets each, and placing it in your campsite will allow the respective Nookling to stop by.

The event has also announced that there will be eight new villagers coming to Pocket Camp, who have been newly introduced in New Horizons. We've already made a post regarding all the new faces in New Horizons, which oddly enough features 8 brand new Villagers... Whether or not these 8 will be the ones included in Pocket Camp, or whether these will be the only new Villagers introduced in New Horizons is currently unknown.

The event will run until 2/4/2020, 4:59pm AEDST.


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