Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 15

Today was the day K.K. Slider finally came to Nublar. Tom Nook was rather happy to have achieved such a goal! I thought there'd be a little more time beforehand, before attending the concert, but no. The moment I started up my game, it was party time! Unfortunately I had to wake up early today, but tiredness aside, I was still able to enjoy the concert, and gathered around with the rest of Nublar's residents. He didn't stick around for long, and shortly after his performance, he was back to his home land... wherever that may be.

I headed back home to catch a little more sleep, and once I had awoken, Tom Nook was waiting for me outside, ready to share some great news. First off, he gifted me a copy of Welcome Horizons, one of K.K's latest tracks. He then informed me that the musician would be performing here every Saturday evening, so that's a little something to look forward to tomorrow. Finally, for helping Nook achieve his dreams, he gave me one final gift - the Island Designer App.

With this new App, I'd be able to further develop Nublar, such as creating paths, cliffs, and rivers. The App only came with paths to begin with, but I could spend Nook Miles to obtain the other features. I've really been looking forward to this feature, but I really do lack the creative gene... If any readers out there have any suggestions on what I should do, feel free to shoot me a message!

With all that out of the way, it was time to start my day. I noticed that one of the housing plots had recently been sold, by someone named... Velma. I'm pretty sure I know who this villager is, and let's just say I'm not happy to have them move in... 

I also stumbled across a lost item, but being so early in the morning, not many residents were awake. Thankfully I saw Tucker out for his morning walk, and informed me he'd seen Rory with it. I headed over to Rory's house, who was still waking up, and it belonged to him, gifting me a parka in return.

Nook's Cranny had now successfully been moved to its new location, and I must say I really like it. It does look a little janky when compared to the look of the Able Sisters, but hopefully it's not too long before it upgrades.

Now that I'd expanded my house, and received my new loan of 1,280,000 Bells, I gained access to a new home customization feature, the siding. This changed the overall style of the house, so I decided to treat myself and give my home a little redesign... I'm not going to show off the final product here, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow! I also now have the option to pick up and move my mailbox to wherever I want, which is... weird? I don't really think I'll put it anywhere else on my Island as of now, but who knows.

Hornsby had officially settled in and unpacked, but I've gotta say I'm not too fond of his house... to use the word again, it looks kind of janky. It disappoints me a little, but I'm still rather happy to have Hornsby living here, so I guess I can turn a blind eye to it for now, and hope it improves later down the line.

Once I came back from work it was much later in the evening, and we actually had a rather beautiful sunset on Nublar. I headed over to the western beach to watch the sun go down. Once the darkness hit, I made my way over to Resident Services to buy some more Design Permits, and purchased the cliff and water construction permits. They're all a little pricey, so it might take me a while to get the rest of the pavement options. I did try changing the terrain up a little, but I didn't make anything too fancy.

And that's it for today. I really didn't get a whole lot done since I was incredibly tired all day, but progress is progress, which I'm not going to complain about. A later visit to Hornsby revealed Hopper would be celebrating his birthday on the 6th of this month, so that's something to look forward to, and I should probably work on finding him a nice present. I've also done a little more work on my house, but at this point I just need to grab a tonne of items to decorate with. Hopefully Nook's Cranny is on the brink of an upgrade.


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