Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 19

There were no announcements today, but Isabelle gave us some good advice for today being a Tuesday "be sure to pace yourselves. Don't overdo it!". It's nice that she still finds something to say even when there isn't anything happening. Seeing her support was really cute, I hope she has more elaborate dialogue on other days of the week! Kind of makes me miss Pascal with his wise words of wisdom.

As for what happened today, honestly, not a lot. Gulliver and Hopper had both sent us gifts in the mail - Gulliver for helping him out, and Hopper for his birthday gift - being a Sombrero and Cafe Apron, respectively. It's odd, but I kind of think the outfit goes together in a strange way? I really like the Sombrero though!

Kicks also paid his first visit to Nublar today. I'm not sure if this is connected to the Label tale told yesterday in the Able Sisters or not (to be honest, I don't think it is), but he was were to sell shoes, socks, and bags, mentioning that he'd be stopping by once a week. Out of his wares, he didn't have anything that really took my fancy, but I decided to buy the last three bags.

It's been a while since I posted about DIY recipes, but today the message bottle had the recipe for a Fruit Wreath. I would've preferred a Fruit Basket, but I still like the Wreath. I also stopped by and paid Velma a visit, who was working on a Cosmos Shower, and gave me the recipe for that, too. I got excited at first, hearing the word "Cosmos" and immediately thinking of the stars, only to find out she was talking about the flower... yet another reason for her to leave.

Speaking of leaving, Olaf informed me that he had plans to leave Nublar. I know he hasn't been here that long, but as I mentioned when he first moved here, I'm not a fan. I didn't try to stop him living his dream, and wished him all the best. He took it in his stride, and gave me a short farewell. I'm sure he'll give me a more hearty one on his departure date, which he didn't mention, unlike in New Leaf.

Turnips were a meh 102 in the morning, and another meg in the afternoon at 124. At least they seem to be hovering around the 100 mark and have yet to drop down below that mark. Really hoping they pick up throughout the week, though. Finally, when speaking to Tucker, he mentioned a "big thing" that would be happening son for the first time on Nublar, which really peaked my interest. Of course, he could simply be talking about Bunny Day, which a lot of residents are, but they usually explicitly mention it... I'm wondering if it's just placeholder dialogue for upcoming events to keep things fresh (like Earth Day), or if it's really foreshadowing something else... Only time will tell.

It's days like today that really make want to reconsider the daily blog format. I do enjoy writing them up, but I feel they're not too exciting to read when not much happens... But I've included a little peak at what I've been doing on Nublar, which is this cute outdoor cafe area. I do want to update it with better items as I get them, but for now I'm really liking the look.

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