Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 20

I played a little last night after I made my blog post, but the only note worthy thing I did was move Hoppers house to the area I'd moved Velma's and Flora's. I also ended up moving Tucker over there today. As for the daily announcements, Isabelle informed us that today, Olaf would be leaving Nublar, but there was also someone in the campsite!

I was pretty excited to see who was in the Campsite, and boy, was I even more upset than seeing Olaf... It was everyone's favorite villager... Chops, honestly, that might not even be his name, I'm just going from muscle memory here. I didn't even bother speaking to him, and just left right away.

With that done, it was time to bid farewell for Olaf. He was really thankful for letting him live on Nublar, but was also looking forward to move on. I know I said I wasn't a fan of Olaf, but he was a unique addition to Nublar, and I'll really miss his house! Farewell, and good luck, wherever you end up.

There wasn't much time before I had to head out for work, but Velma quickly caught my attention, and taught me the Thought reaction. I do miss the daily visits to Shrunk at Club LOL though. It's nice your villagers teach you to them, but Shrunk's jokes were still great.

I'd noticed in the morning that Saharah had paid us a visit, but I didn't have the time to chat with her in the morning, so I did so in the evening once I returned home. I did the usual of buying both the mystery wallpaper and flooring, as well as all three rugs, and then using my 5 tickets for either a wallpaper/flooring (today I chose a wallpaper). The rugs weren't anything too good, but the walls I got were the Ivy and Straw Wall, and the Sumo Mat as the flooring.

Now it was time to finally make the last finishing touch on housing (for now, at least), with the lucky last being Tucker! I moved him over where I'd moved the others, but when I was in the middle of moving it, I stumbled across a lost item. I know Rory was right there, but instead I went to Plucky's house, and it was hers! She gave us a soft-serve hat as a reward. Not the greatest item, but it gave me a good laugh.

Now it was time to move Tucker. I did contemplate abandoning the idea all together. Tucker is probably my favorite resident, and I did want to keep him in a central location, and where he was wasn't really a bad spot, I could easily move the path over to him, but I wanted to put more of a garden there. In the end, I decided to move him over there anyway. If worst comes to worse, I could always swap him out with another resident.

That's it for today. Turnips were 88 in the AM and 61 in the PM, I've got a sinking feeling this week is going to end up very similar to our first week... Again, not a whole lot going on today, but that was to be expected with me having to work.

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