Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 23

Day 23, and the day of the long awaited Fishing Tourney. I'd seen that in New Horizons, they did things a little different when it came to the Fishing Tourney, so I was keen to try it out for myself. The only announcement Isabelle had for today was in regards to the Tourney, so I knew it was going to be a jam packed day!

To start this off, if you don't care about the Fishing Tourney, this blog post wont be for you, because this entire post is just that. I didn't get around to doing much else - by the time I got home from work it was around 5:30pm, so there was only a short amount of time I had, and after the Tourney, nothing else happened.

Things were looking a lot more orange today, but I think that was just because of the sunset that was happening (which was very beautiful). In the short time I had left, I scurried over to the Resident Services Plaza to chat with CJ about entering the Tourney. The aim of the Tourney was to catch as many fish as you could in 3 minutes. The first entry was free, but every entry thereafter cost 500 Bells. Game on!

I managed to do 4 rounds all up, first round I got 5, second 7, and the next two I got both 10 fish each turn. CJ will give you rewards for every 10 points you get, earning a point every fish, and an additional 2 points if you manage to catch at least 3 fish. I was able to redeem my points for 4 rewards, getting a Tackle Box, Fish Rack, Bag and Umbrella.

The changes to the Tourney also mean that any Fish you catch don't get sent to your pockets, and instead go to the Tackle Box. Even better, any fish you catch, you can keep afterwards, of sell the to CJ for Bells. No more catches being devoured by the hungry Chip.

I do miss the old formula, and wish there was a little more going on other than the same 3 minute time limit over and over, and villagers standing around fishing all day, but it's a welcomed change nonetheless. The next Tourney would be held in July, so it seems they are now seasonal rather than monthly. Let's hope tomorrow there's a lot more going on!


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