Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Celeste Guide

We've already partially covered Celeste in our Tourists and Travellers guide, but now it's time to properly dive into her mechanics, and what rewards she offers! This guide will go over all the cosmic DIY Recipes you can obtain from Celeste, as well as the best times to find her, and how to maximize your Star Fragments!

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Celeste will randomly appear on your Island during the night time, more commonly on nights where there are Shooting Stars. If you talk to her, she'll give you a random cosmic DIY Recipe. You can invite friends over to grab a DIY off her, too, but the recipe they receive will differ to yours. All her DIY Recipes require Star Fragments to craft, which come in three varieties; Star Fragments, Large Star Fragments, and Zodiac Fragments.

All Star Fragments can be obtained by wishing on Shooting Stars, which appear randomly on clear night skies. Simply look up to the sky and wait for one to appear, if you see one fly by, make sure you don't have any items in your hands, and press the A button. You'll then wish upon a star have a Star Fragment wash up on the beach the next day. If you've got a controller with the turbo button, an easy way to farm Star Fragments is to simply look up at the night sky, and set the controller to constantly push the A button. This way you can keep your game running, and your character will automatically wish on any shooting stars that may pass by.

You can do this multiple times a night to receive many Fragments the next morning. Of course, Star Fragments are the most common, with Large Star Fragments being uncommon, and Zodiac Fragments being the rarest. If one of your friends has any shooting stars, you can also visit their Island, and Star Fragments will still wash up on your beach the following morning.

With Zodiac Fragments, you'll only be able to obtain each specific Zodiac Fragment dependant on the Zodiac Calendar. For example, if you want a Scorpio Fragment, you'll need to wish on a star during Scorpio Season (10/24-11/22), etc... Much like the DIY's she can give you, she'll only give you a Zodiac DIY during their respective season.

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