Tourists & Travellers

As time progressed, or special requirements are met, Tourists will start appearing on The Island either near the Resident Services Tent, or simply wandering around The Island. Tourists are mainly Special Characters that have appeared in previous Animal Crossing titles, and inviting them to live on your Island may allow them to set up a shop.

Meteor Showers will randomly happen during clean night skies. When they happen, you can wish on a star as they fall, by pressing A (as long as you're not holding any Tools!), this will cause a Star Piece to appear on the beach the following day, which you can use to make items Celeste gives you.

Daisy Mae
Every Sunday morning before noon, Daisy Mae will be wondering the Island selling Turnips. Turnips can be bought for anywhere between 90 and 110 Bells. These can be sold back at Nook's Cranny for a potential profit. Each day (excluding Sunday), the Nooklings will be buying Turnips for a random price, changing at Noon and Midnight. This can be an easy way to make Bells, however, Turnips will go rotten after a week and lose all value.

On random days, you may come across a lone Seagull washed ashore. He will be very unconscious and may need to be spoken to a number of times before fully regaining consciousness. His name is Gulliver and he has been thrown overboard, washing up on your Island. He'll ask you to collect 5 Communication Pieces, which can be found along the Beach by digging in the bubbling spots in the sand. Bringing all 5 pieces back to Gulliver will allow him to communicate to his crew to pick him up. He'll mail you an item from one of his many travels in the coming days.

On roughly your third day of Island Life, you may see Harvey walking around your Island. If you speak to him, he'll grant you access to his island, named Photopia, where you can design elaborate set pieces, and dress up Villagers by scanning in their amiibo cards. For more information, see our Photopia Guide.



Once Nook's Cranny has officially opened, Timmy and Tommy will be talking to Mabel, and she'll offer to visit the Island on random days, bringing a number of clothing items with her that can be bought. She'll set up her stand at the Resident Services Square, once she's visited your Island 3 times, providing you've spent enough Bells on her clothing items, she'll decide to build her Shop on your Island. You can read more about the Able Sisters Shop here.

Saharah will visit your Island on random days, bringing with her a number of rare carpets, wallpapers, and rugs. She sells wallpapers and carpet for 3,000 Bells each, and rugs. 
She also has a unique ticketing system, where you'll earn 1, 2, or 3 tickets whether you buy a small (1,00 Bells), medium (1,500 Bells), or large rug (2,000 Bells), respectively. Once you have earned 5 tickets, you can exchange them for a random rare wallpaper or carpet that she isn't selling that day.

During the night time you may stumble across a friendly ghost named Wisp. If you try to talk to him, you'll accidentally frighten him and he'll be broken up into 5 Spirits. He will then ask you to collect the Spirits, which will randomly be floating around your Island, and can be caught with a Net. Bringing all 5 Spirits back to Wisp will reward you with a random item, giving you a choice between an item you don't have, or an expensive item.


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