Photopia is a neighbouring island that exists in the game, where you can place models in creative photo shoots by scanning in Characters via their amiibo Cards or Figures. It's owned by Harvey. It will not initially be accessible, but will become available once Harvey has travelled to your Island.

Unlocking Photopia
Harvey will start wandering around your Island on roughly your third day. If you speak with him during one of these visits, he'll invite you to come to his Island. You can visit his Island by heading to Dodo Airlines and speaking with Orville, selecting Harvey's Island under the I Wanna Fly option.

Photopia's functionality is similar to how you could dress up and interact with Characters in facilities likes schools and hospitals in Happy Home Designer. If you head inside Harvey's Photo Studio, he'll give you a rundown on how Photopia works.

There are three things you can change inside the Photo Studio - Set, Models, and Wardrobe. There are 6 different rooms acting as Sets, which you can set up however you like. Harvey has an affiliation with Nook Shopping, so any furniture items you've obtained through your travels can be placed in the Studios, free of charge (including customized pieces).

You can invite up to 10 Models to the Studio to take photos. You can invite Characters by scanning in their corresponding Animal Crossing amiibo, by pressing down on the d-pad and scanning their amiibo. You can also get your Models to "strike a post", providing you've unlocked the respective Reaction. Unfortunately, you can not interact with the Models.

Much like the Sets, the Wardrobe lets you dress up your Models using the Clothing items you've already collected via Nook Shopping. You can dress your Models up however you like, though some characters can't wear specific items.

For every amiibo Character you can in, Harvey will create a poster of that character. These posters can be purchased via the Special Goods selection at the Nook Stop Terminal for 1,000 Bells each.


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