PowerA Releasing More Officially Licensed Animal Crossing Switch Accessories

Earlier this year we reported, and even reviewed, some Animal Crossing products and accessories PowerA would be releasing for Nintendo Switch. All these accessories are officially licensed by Nintendo, and Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi has now listed a bunch more Animal Crossing themed accessories - set to release in October - including a Wired Controller, Joy-con Comfort  Grip, and a Switch Carry Case! 

These products currently aren't visible on PowerA's website, so there may be more to come, but the ones we know of now are the aforementioned Wired Controller, Joy-con Grip, and Carry Case. The case is listed for $34AUD and sports a lovely Animal Crossing themed pattern, and a sturdy outer shell. The case appears to have a moulded and adjustable interior to hold either a Switch or Switch Lite, so you don't need to worry about purchasing the wrong one. It can also hold 6 game cards and 2 micro SD cards. The official Nintendo Case retails for $40AUD and doesn't have the hard protective case. Of course, we can't say for sure, but from the sounds of it, it seems PowerA's case will be more functional and cheaper than Nintendo's case.

Next up is the Enhanced Wired Controller. We did review their Enhanced Wireless Controller earlier this year, which comes in either a K.K. or Nookling Duo design, and it was pretty good. The Wireless controller retails for roughly $90AUD, where this Wired one looks to go for $54AUD. If you're after a cheaper Animal Crossing themed controller, the Wired version is likely a good candidate, as it appeared to do everything the Wireless version can do, just at a cheaper price!

Finally, we see the Joy-con Comfort Grip, which has a similar, yet white pattern, and has Isabelle's face printed as well. This one seems to be going for $24AUD and has a very cute design. Our only concern here is the white color getting dirty easily, plus the Joy-con colors don't seem to go well with the grip, unless you have the Yellow Joy-cons.

EB Games Australia does list the Switch Case, with a release date of September 25th rather than October 1st, so these release dates aren't set in stone, but will likely release either late September/early October. There's also a possibility some more accessories are yet to be revealed. If we're being honest, out of all the Animal Crossing Switch related accessories we've seen yet, this is likely our favorite batch that's available in the west thus far.We'll report more as it comes.

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