PowerA Animal Crossing Tom Nook Protection Case & Wired Enhanced Controller (Animal Crossing Blue) for Nintendo Switch - Review

A few months back we received a controller from PowerA which we were lucky enough to review, and overall had some pretty positive thoughts on. We'd also shared some details on some more upcoming accessories and the Nintendo Switch by PowerA, which we have once again, been lucky enough to test out!

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Tom Nook Protection Case
When we first saw this case, we were excited! Not only does it look cute, but it's design looks very functional. A hard outer shell to protect your Switch - and it's interior is also designed to fit either a Switch or Switch Lite! Unlike the official Nintendo Animal Crossing themed Switch case, you don't need to worry about purchasing the wrong size, as one size fits all!

There's also enough room inside to fit 6 Switch game carts, and 4 micro SD cards. It also has a nice protective pocket for some smaller accessories, such as the Joy-Con straps. My current Switch case has a compartment to hold up to 8 game carts, but it doesn't have any room for any additional accessories.

I was actually travelling at the end of October/start of November and opted out of bringing my regular Switch case, bringing this one instead. Having room in the case for game carts is always appreciated, but the extra space for some accessories really came in handy! Instead of having most most of what I needed spread across multiple bags for handheld play, I had everything I needed right here. 

It's hard to say goodbye to what you know, and even though my current Switch case has been my trusty companion for the last 3 years, I think it's time we part ways... Giving up my current case was bittersweet, but it's not a decision I regret one bit. It's not often a third party company managed to outclass Nintendo, but I can confidently say they've outdone them here!

Nintendo Switch PowerA Wired Enhanced Controller - Animal Crossing Blue
Our review for the initial Animal Crossing Enhanced Wireless Controller (K.K. Slider Edition) went over a most of our thoughts, and this controller is more or less the same, minus the wireless functionality. This controller still has the mappable buttons which come in handy in certain situations, but also comes with a headphone jack, all for a cheaper price!

As previously mentioned, it lacks the premium features of the official pro controller, such as HD rumble, gyro, and amiibo functionality, but this is considerably cheaper than the pro controller, retailing at around $55AUD rather than the formers $90-$100AUD price range. PowerA's previous controller sells for around $90AUD, giving you the same quality, minus the wireless functionality. 

Whether you prefer wired or wireless controllers usually comes down to gaming setup and personal preference. For me, my Switch isn't too far away from my seating position, so I've always preferred wired controllers, to ease the need for batteries/charging cables. This controller comes with a 10ft  cable to connect to your Switch, so should see some use for most Switch players. It even comes with a velcro strap so you can tie the chord up neatly if you decide to put it away.

The controller itself is sturdy, light, and fits in the hands rather nicely. The button presses are less noisy the the wireless variety, and the controller itself even feels more  I think the cheaper price of the Wired controller outweigh the pros of the Wireless controller, solely due to accessibility, but that's a decision you'll have to make for yourself if you're looking to pick one of these up. Both are great choices, but

The controller itself sports the same design as the case, so the two make quiet the pair! It also sells at about half the price of the wireless controller; so if you're looking to rep some cool Animal Crossing accessories for your Switch, this might be worth considering - especially if you're more of a docked player!

Black Friday did see the restock of the Special Edition New Horizons Switch console, but it is very pricey, and not something everyone can afford. If you're looking to spice up your Switch with some Animal Crossing merch, it may be worth checking these out. Personally, I think the protective case is well worth it, especially if you're on the go and playing in handheld mode a lot. If you're interested in purchasing these for yourself, you can do so over at PowerA's Official Store, or at the links below!

Animal Crossing Tom Nook Protection Case
Amazon AUS
Amazon UK
Amazon US
EB Games AUS
Gamestop US

Wired Enhanced Controller (Animal Crossing Blue)
Amazon AUS
Amazon UK
Amazon US
EB Games AUS

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