Brace Yourself! Zipper T. Bunny is Returning to AC:NH This April! (Bunny Day 2021)


Bunny Day was Nintendo's first attempt at creating a downloadable event in New Horizons, and whilst it causes some disturbance, we also got a tonne of quality memes, and it'll probably go down as one of the most infamous events of New Horizons in 2020. Eggs were everywhere. If you were hoping to leave Zipper in the past, we've got bad news - he's back! Bunny Day 2021 has been confirmed to be returning this year, and we'll go over some of the new items introduced, and changes to the event that we know of so far. Be warned, as this post contains spoilers!

From what we know so far, the event will remain essentially the same as last year. Whether or not we'll have the original egg spawn rates, or Nintendo will opt in to use the fixed rate is unknown, but we're hoping for the latter. As for what's new, the latest update mentioned there would be some new items coming, and be exclusive to Nook's Cranny. Thanks to dataminers, we now know what these new items will be!

Anyone hoping for a variety of new items, we hate to disappoint, but seems there'll only be 5 new ones added to the mix. These new items are the Bunny Candy (1,300 bells), Bunny Tree (3,800 bells), Bunny Planter Box (2,300 bells), Bunny Topiary (2,000 bells), and Bunny Garden Flag (1,500 bells), which we have included in the image below.

As for the actual event, well there have been a few tweaks. Instead of lasting 12 days in 2021, the event will only last 9. It'll start on March 28th with Ver.1.9.0a being pushed, and end with Zipper arriving on April 4th alongside a pushed Ver.1.9.0b. Whether or not anything in the event has been changed is yet to be seen, and won't be known until the updates are pushed. 

We've already covered the Bunny Day Event for 2020, which we will update if any changes occur. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr. Feel free to join our discord server, too!


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