Bunny Day Guide

As Bunny Day approaches, Zipper T. Bunny will arrive on your Island, and hide a number of Eggs and special DIY recipes in various locations. There are 6 different types of eggs to collect, 16 DIY recipes, and 23 DIY clothing recipes. As you get closer to Bunny Days official date, more DIY recipes will become available. Finding and crafting all DIY recipes will net you a special reward. Our guide goes over how to make the most out of the Bunny Day event, and how to obtain every possible reward.

Starting the Event
On the first day of the Bunny Day event (April 1st for 2020), Zipper T. Bunny will be hiding somewhere on your Island. If you find him and speak to him, you'll be able to officially start the event, he'll also give you the DIY Recipe from the Bunny Series to get you started. He says he'll see you again on Bunny Day (April 12th for 2020), and challenged you to collect and craft all DIY recipes, and will reward you if you succeed.

Finding Eggs
Eggs are needed to craft the Bunny Series, and there are 6 types of eggs to collect; Earth Egg (underground), Leaf Egg (on trees), Sky Egg (balloon presents), Stone Egg (from rocks), Water Egg (via fishing) and Wood  Egg (chopping trees). You can find Eggs on your Island, Islands that belong to your friends, as well as Mystery Tour Islands.

DIY Recipes
There are 16 Bunny Day DIY furniture recipes, which we have included below. Zipper will gift you a DIY Recipe at the beginning of the event, the rest can be found in the sky, hidden in special Bunny Day Balloon Presents (some may contain Sky Eggs), or on the beach in special Bunny Day themed message bottles. You'll get the DIY Recipes for the Bed by speaking to Zipper at the start of the Event, and the Archway by speaking to him once he returns on the official date (April 12th in 2020). If you wish to view the images at a larger size, simply click them (not the Arch is missing as it's not obtainable until April 12th).

The Eggs can also be used to craft clothing items that corresponds to that Egg Type. Whenever you collect a certain amount of the game Egg, you'll learn the DIY recipe for a clothing set based on that Eggs type. It's uncertain whether the amount of unique Eggs you need to collect are fixed or random, but below is the number at which we learned the DIY recipes for the outfits. The hat and shoes require 2 of their respective egg, and the top needs 3.

14 Earth Eggs = Earth egg-clothing
9 Leaf Eggs = Leaf egg-clothing
10 Sky Eggs = Sky egg-clothing
22 Stone Eggs = Stone egg-clothing
18 Wood Eggs =  Wood egg-clothing

Once you've learned the DIY Recipes for all clothing sets, you'll learn the DIY Recipes for the Egg Party Hat and Egg Party Dress.There are also more two clothing items that can randomly be obtained from your Villagers,  the Bunny Day Crown, Bunny Day and Bunny Day Bag. The Party Hat requires 3 of each Egg, Party Dress 1 of each Egg, where both the Crown and Bag need one of each Egg.

Once you've collected and crafted all furniture items, Zipper will teach you how to make the Wobbler Toy, and then the Bunny Day Wand (after crafting the Wobbler) once official date for Bunny Day (April 12th, 2020) comes. We'll uploaded these images when we can.

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  2. In the first paragraph you state that there's 14 DIY recipies. then under the DIY Recipies section you say 16.

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