Here's The Entire Animal Crossing X Puma Collaboration Line Up!

 Not that long ago, we reported on the bomb that dropped, being the Animal Crossing X Puma collaboration, and were able to show off a few of the upcoming clothing designs, courtesy of sneakerfreaker. The following day, Nintendo and Puma both shared the collection would be release on September 18th. Whilst details of the clothing designs have been scarce, a number of Japanese media outlets have now published the entire collection, which you can see below!

The clothing items are available on a number of Japanese media sites, but for reference, we'll be using media site fashionsnap. Previously, some sneakers and a hoodie had been revealed for the collab, but now we know there will also be shorts, pants, and shirts, and even a pair of slides added!

You can view the full collection below, which we've segmented into clothing pieces. There are a number of different color variations that can be purchased, with most varieties coming in black, and baby blue, baby pink, and a light teal-blue color - you can view these alternate colors on the fashionsnap site. Be sure to click the images to view them in their full size!

We'd like to point out that this is the information we could find on the Japanese press. It is possible we could be missing a few pieces, or that designs may vary for the western market, though we do find this unlikely.

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