Review - LEGO Animal Crossing: Maple's Pumpkin Garden (30662)

The LEGO - Animal Crossing: Maple's Pumpkin Garden set, offers a delightful experience for fans of the beloved video game series. Here's a breakdown of our thoughts of this small, yet joyful set.

Inspired by the popular Animal Crossing game, this set brings to life Maple's charming pumpkin garden. 
It complements other LEGO Animal Crossing sets, allowing for expanded play possibilities and scene creation.

With 29 pieces, it's a quick and fun build that captures the essence of the game. Plus, you can mix and match Maple with other LEGO sets for even more creative fun, which it's compact size and affordable price allows for multiple purchases to expand your LEGO Animal Crossing island, should you wish.

LEGO Animal Crossing: Maple's Pumpkin Garden is a charming addition to the LEGO Animal Crossing lineup, offering a delightful building and play experience for fans of all ages. Whether you're a die-hard Animal Crossing fan or just looking for a cute LEGO set, Maple's Pumpkin Garden delivers. So why not add a bit of Nintendo magic to your LEGO collection?

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nd the second release of Animal Crossing LEGO due out in August 2024. 


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