amiibo Support

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will support amiibo figures and amiibo cards from the Animal Crossing series. You can also invite these familiar faces to Photopia, an island that exists in the game, where you can place models in creative photo shoots. You can also use amiibo to purchase special items, or bring villagers to the Campsite.

Harvey resides on Photopia, and he'll let you call in villager via amiibo and dress them up, where you can place them on a stage and take photos. This feature acts similar to Happy Home Designer, where you could dress up and place Villagers in facilities, such as a school or hospital, and take a photo with them.

Additionally, you can scan in am amiibo figurine or card at the Nook Stop Terminal, located at the Resident Services. Here, you'll be able to buy a poster of each Villager whose amiibo you've scanned in for 1,000 Bells, which you can display at your house. 

You'll also be able to scan in Villagers via amiibo and invite them to the Campsite. Whether or not you can invite them to move to your Island like you could in New Leaf is currently unknown.

Certain amiibo figurines and cards will not be supported at launch, but will be added in with future updates.


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