Resident Services

The Resident Services facility is available to support daily needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide services such as the sale of everyday goods, the purchase of unwanted items and helpful advice. It is run by Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy, but will expand with the help of other characters, such as Isabelle, and offer even more features.

The Nookling's will sell you basic items, such as tools, medicine and plants to help grow your Island. Tom Nook can also help you out by expanding your Tent into a House. Like previous titles, there is no deadline for when you need to pay off the loan. Once you own a House, Tom Nook will start offering an exterior remodelling service to further personalize your living quarters. For more information on their remodelling service, check out our guide.

Through the Construction Consultation Counter, players can further develop and traverse the island, such as allowing the construction of bridges and slopes. Once you have fully "decked out" your Island, you'll be granted with a permit to use the Island Designer app, which will allow you to lay paths and modify the terrain, including cliffs, rivers, and the ground. For more information, check out the Islander Designer page.

As with any other Animal Crossing game, the facilities can be expanded. After certain requirements are met, Isabelle will join the Resident Services, and the Tent can be upgraded to a more traditional looking Town Hall style-esque building from previous games. Once this upgrade has been completed, additional features will be available from Isabelle, such as changing the Island Tune or Island Flag.

Tom Nook will also offer additional features once Resident Services has been expanded, including the ability to customize, expand, and relocate shops and building on The Island. The requirements to expand Resident Services, or the number of times it can be expanded, are currently not known.

Resident Services also offers a Recycle Box for when playing via Party Play. Any items obtained by other players living on your island during this mode will be sent to the Recycle Box for the host to pick up later. Nook Miles can also be used to help pay off your Getaway Package, or redeemed via the Nook Stop Terminal for special rewards, such as unique clothing items and NookPhone cases, as well as Nook Miles Tickets for Mystery Tours. For more information on Nook Miles, see our Nook Mileage Page.

The Resident Services Tent offers a DIY Crafting Bench which you can use to create DIY crafts via the use of materials. For more information on how DIY Crafts work, see out DIY Crafts Page.


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