Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Shop Unlock Guide

Every Animal Crossing title has had their share of unlockable shops and facilities, and New Horizons is no different. We've compiled a list of all current unlockables, as well as their unlock methods.

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Nooks Cranny
Nooks Cranny can be built on your second day. Head to Resident Services where Tom Nook will be having a conversation with one of the Nooklings. Speaking to Timmy/Tommy will let you construct Nooks Cranny with the following materials
- 30 Wood

- 30 Hardwood
- 30 Softwood
- 30 Iron Nuggets

Nooks Cranny Upgrade
Nook's Cranny can be upgraded once 30 days have passed, providing you've spent/bought 200,000 Bells worth of items, and had Mabel visit your Island.

Museum Tent 
Giving Tom Nook 5 unique critters will rewards you with Blathers' Tent. After you place his Tent on your Island, Blathers will show up the next day.

The Museum
Giving Blathers 15 unique critters will let you build The Museum. The Museum will be constructed two days later.

The Able Sisters

Dodo Airlines
Dodo Airlines will become available on your second day of Island Life.

Resident Services Upgrade
Invite Isabelle to your Island by having 5 Villagers live there.

On approximately your third day, you may see Harvey wandering around your Island. If you speak to him, you'll be able to fly to Photopia via Dodo Airlines.


  1. After you unlock Nook's Cranny (and I think have the townhall-like building?) one of the sisters starts to sell clothes in front of Guest Services. If you buy enough from her she eventually asks that you find her a place to set up shop.

    1. I don't have the sisters yet, but for me Label showed up on either the 1st or 2nd day after opening Nook's Cranny, before I had Resident Services renovated

  2. After you build the Nookling shop aka Nook's Cranny, you can EITHER wait 28 days OR spend 70,000 bells there to get it to upgrade to the new and improved shop........ looks more like nook'n'go from the GCN version... so I really hope we eventually get Nookington's!

    For the Clothing Shop .... Look for Mabel to sell you clothes in your plaza, you need to spend 5,000+ bells with her buying clothes - which is super easy since she has boots and shoes that are 2500+ buy 2 of those and you're done. Then, the next day she'll ask you to find a place for her shop. As a minor side note, If you don't already have the clothiers on your isle, Mabel is always in the plaza on either Fri & Sat or Sat & Sun - but always on the weekend for 2 days.

    In the clothing shop - there are again 8 spots for custom designs to be displayed - but just know - if you import your New Leaf designs via Nook Link using QR, you CANNOT post your custom designs! To post a custom design, you must have created said design IN NEW HORIZONS using that design set. BUT, as an added bonus, once you have the clothing shop unlocked and talked to Mabel inside about the custom wall, she will unlock the ability to make CUSTOM COLORS!!!! So, we actually have MORE COLORS to play with than we did in New Leaf.

    In New Leaf we had 20 color families each with 9 diff colors for 180 colors to choose from to make our custom palettes. However in New Horizons, once you've unlocked custom colors, we have 20-30 DIFFERENT COLORS each with 16 different settings for both vibrancy and intensity..... Think of these as Saturation and Brightness.... that's 32 COLORS FOR EVERY COLOR FAMILY so we have over 600 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM! I'm really happy.

    PS: If you would still like to post your New Leaf patterns in your New Horizons Clothing Shop, just do a pixel x pixel copy while looking at your 3DS screen of the design you want to bring over. Please note, if you post normal designs to the custom wall, they appear as sleeveless shirts....... if you want to post actual shirts, dresses, or hats; sorry peeps, no umbrellas this time around =( you have to use the PRO DESIGNS tab on your nook phone. and lemme tell you, the shirts and dresses have a smaller area since you're confined to an actual sewing pattern superimposed on the design grid, and anything outside the lines will NOT be shown.

    I hope this helps you guys out!

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