Starting Your Island

Similar to New Leaf, when you start up your game you'll be able to chose from an assortment of Island maps, as well as whether you'd like to live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Once you've chosen your map and designed your character, you'll arrive on the Island along with two other residents. You'll receive a Tent which you can place on The Island, which will act as your living quarters. You can do the same for the two residents, as well.

Once you arrive on The Island, you'll make your way over to the Resident Services and set up your Tent. Once you've found a suitable place for your Tent, you can then decide where your two starting Villagers put theirs. Once the Tents have been placed, Tom Nook will decide to hold a nice little ceremony, and teach you how to craft, gathering materials to make a campfire, which will require 10 tree branches - you can easily find these on the ground, or by shaking trees. Afterwards, you will need to gather 6 of your Native Fruit and bring them to Tom Nook. Once you've given all materials to Nook, he will start the initiation ceremony, allowing you to name your Island, and you will be named the Resident Representative. From here, you can chose to explore your Island, or speak to Tom Nook to end your day. Speaking to Nook will gift you a Camping Cot which you can place in your Tent, and sleep on it to conclude your day. This initial set up of the game is time locked, and does not follow real time, but once you've chosen to sleep in your Tent, the game will start following real time.

If you want a full rundown on what to expect on your first day, you can check out our post here.

There will be two facilities already set up upon arrival; Resident Services and Dodo Airlines. Resident Services is a 24/7 service run by the Nook family, where you can buy and sell items, as well as receive advice. You can also craft items using the DIY bench. Tom Nook will grant you a special NookPhone with a number of apps to help you adapt to island life. Tom Nook will also hold a daily island-wide broadcast, going over the latest news, events, and offer useful advice.

The second facility is the airport, more commonly known as Dodo Airlines. It's also a 24/7 service, and is run by the Dodo duo, Wilbur and Orville, and will become available on the second day after your initial arrival. Here, you can venture out to other Islands, or invite friends over to yours, allowing up to 8 players on each Island. The Airport also offers an in-game postal service to send messages to residents.

After you've placed your Tent, you're free to explore The Island, collect DIY recipes, and start working on making the perfect paradise. We've compiled a number of guides if you're looking for something to do:

Tools & The Basics - explains tool usage/crafting requirements, as well other nifty features
Nook Miles - if you're looking for something to do, check out the Nook Mileage Program to give you a head start
Island Life - a list of the facilities and activities available on The Island
DIY Crafts - a list of all DIY crafts compiled so far
Missing Features - some staple features of the series seem to be locked behind future updates


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