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Animal Crossing: New Horizons, adds three new flower species; Wildflowers, Mums and Hyacinths, though it removes one flower, the Iris. This handy guide will go over all your gardening needs, as well as how to produce Hybrids! Flowers this time do not wilt, though they do need to be watered if you with to crossbreed. Like in previous titles, these flowers can be crossbred to produce rare colors, more commonly known as Hybrids. In order to produce Hybirds, the two flower species will need to be placed adjacently to one another (diagonally works best!), and be watered. We've included a list of all available flowers, as well as a Hybrid breeding guide.

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Do note, the included chart only provides the easiest ways to get certain hybrids.

In addition, Gold Roses and Lily of the Valley flowers return. This time, Black Roses seem to simply be watered by the Golden Watering Can to turn Gold the next day, and Lily of the Valley will pop up from time to time once your Town Status has reached 5 Stars.

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  1. All pictures are broken

  2. It seems that the flowers don't bread using a chart like that, but it's actually complex recessive and dominant genes. It explains why you need a specific red rose to make the blue rose. That red rose has the right recessive genes to make a rose that lacks all the dominant genes that prevents Blue roses. The charts are a good indicator, but not a end the the means


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