Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 22

Last Nights Caper
I feel as though I played but I don't recall..

Day 22

Gulliver and Katie had both sent me gifts, as well as the HHA, who gave me a pennant. Gulliver gave me a Nutcracker, and Katie gave me a digital photo frame - which alternates between three photos.

To my knowledge, today also marked the first day of summer? I'm assuming so as the grass and fruit tree's changed color. What better way to celebrate by having my hibiscus plants bloom, and another orange tulip.

why flowers go in the wrong spot WHY 

Phineas was also spotted along the west coast of Skyfall. I really don't pay any attention on what badges I have unlocked, so whenever he comes is always a pleasant surprise, and I always look forward to seeing what I have achieved.

I hit up Main Street, and did the usual yards. Nook's Homes had a mail box and exterior I wanted. I was going to buy the mail box, but I decided to risk it and buy the exterior instead. I still don't know if I like the exterior. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Ever. I got both fortune cookie guesses right. I was so happy like really when does this happen. NEVER. preach it. SCREAM IT TO THE WORLD (it's like 1am ok calm down let me have some fun).

Blathers was also pondering, once again. I was pleased as I wasn't expecting the Cafe today, I was actually expecting a Nookling upgrade notice, or possibly Shampoodle (I think both will happen tomorrow, though).

I rushed back to Skyfall to get the cafe construction underway. But before that, we had to celebrate the newly made street lamp. I guess it's sister-post will have to wait until another time to be built. Cafe is more important.

Awesome turnout, thanks. At least it's not Ricky...

I probably spent about 10 minutes moving about, trying to find the correct space for the Cafe.

I knew the vicinity I wanted it in, just not the exact spot. I finally decided on a nice spot, a little more to the right that originally planned, but it should look nice.

I use patterns to mark possible spots, so I don't need to go
 back and find it later. Instead I can just step on the pattern

Ricky then suggested we play a game of hide-and-seek, which may have been one of the most horrible decisions I've made in my entire life.

I found both Greta and Julian within the first 2 minutes. But Ricky, nope. Couldn't even find him. I had looked everywhere, and then there was 40 seconds left, when I realized that he might be on the beach. And he was, by the time I got there I had 20 seconds left. Praise.

He rewarded me with an illusion floor. Pretty sure I sold it. I don't want your peasant materials.

I also had a basket of cherries on hand for some reason, which I decided to give over the Shrunk. I thought he'd just take one, but nahh, he decided to take the whole basket.

He said he'd show me something extra special for giving him so much food. I was finally expecting a more uplifting reaction, but he gave me the sorrow reaction. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but at least it's cute.

Afterwards, I went to update my dream date. We've had almost 4,000 hits. That's great. Thank you guys so much. I'm thinking of implementing a shout-out/featured system where others can have their dream addresses posted on my blog so they can have people visit them. I'm still thinking of ideas, but it should be formally mentioned soon (providing it works out).

Pascal was a visitor I had been missing. I really don't go diving often, but I was determined to meet Pascal once again, so I headed off to the ocean to find him a beloved scallop. 

Pascal popped up right on queue and kindly asked me for my scallop. Of course, I let him have it, and he switched it out for a ship deck (no picture, sorry), and gave left me with some glorious wisdom.

The night soon hit and I decided to visit Club LOL and see K.K. Slider perform for the first time.

After watching him perform, he gave me his song, K.K. Bazaar. It's not my favorite song,  but it'll do (I don't even have a music player so it doesn't really matter).

Unrelated News
I was actually happy with today's progress. I managed to squeeze in both gameplay and school work (be it only 20 minutes). I came across my first Club Tortimer menace. I didn't really care since I'd done nothing, but man it was annoying. Luckily I managed to start a tour, but before I could sit on the seat he went and talked to Leilini (did I spell that right?). I sat on the seat however, and put the game down for about 30 minutes. He then must have gotten board and stopped talking to her, and the ship for my tour left, and I was free. I put him on my ignore list, but man it was annoying.


Gandalf showing off his bamboo (cameo appearance).

Tweater Glitch


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