Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 31

Last Nights Caper

Day 31

Another bug-off this coming week. I don't really care for it since I won last months, but a silver or bronze trophy would be nice, as would a piece of bug furniture. I really want the caterpillar couch (I think that's what it's called?). I'm not really familiar with the bug set so anything will be a neat addition.

Rocket would also be moving in tomorrow. I believe she's from my brothers town. 
He didn't like Rocket but I think she's pretty cool. I think it's pretty nice having a super hero in Skyfall. She put her house on the cliff next to the cafe.

Shrunk taught me the inspiration joke. I like how my eyes light up. I also thin this is another cute reaction, glad he isn't giving me the sad ones anymore - maybe he's already shown them all to me? Hopefully I get some more cute ones in the coming days.

Nook's homes also finally had the arched zen door in stock. I ordered it and should get it tomorrow (it better look nice). I think it will. I really want to change the floor for my exterior too, but I haven't seen anything I like yet.

I was aware of this yesterday, but completely forgot about it today and thought it was a nice little surprise. Leif gave me the silver watering can for buying 50 bags of flowers. Now I can get back to watering all my flowers each day instead of just a few.

The silver watering can waters 5 spots as opposed to the one spot of the regular. 

It watered the middle spot, as well as the ones horizontally 
and vertically adjacent to it

Shampoodle's hairstyle gave me something nice. I like the style, just the red color looks too weird with the red wetsuit (I decided to avoid the natural colors today). I think I'll start doing the non-natural color from now on. I'm pretty sure I've explored the majority of the natural colors by now anyway. 

Phineas and Saharah were both in town today. Phineas gave me the badge for completing 20% of the catalog. And Saharah gave me a make-over mishap, but when doesn't she.

Saharah gave me the concrete wall and mosaic floor

I then spent the evening visiting a dream town of a friend, named Zach. He had a pretty cool town so you should check it out if you have the time.

Unrelated News
School tomorrow, hence the early post (I did do this like 2 hours early, I don't know the timing just felt right as I was free, saves me doing it before I head off for the night). I also forgot to work at the cafe, so I'll do that right now, and include that in tomorrows Last Nights Caper section. Until then, cya!

Yes I am still working on the Dream Address system, calm down.


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