Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 32

Last Nights Caper
Woah we actually did something last night. Can you believe it?

Essentially I just worked at the cafe, which I forgot to do before last nights post. I got all four order correct, so I was given some superb coffee beans. Additionally, Brewster also gave me a reward for getting correct orders (I've forgotten the name, forgive me).

Also special thanks to sami_spoon for giving me the shaved ice lamp DLC!

Day 32 

I like the new door

I went on today, and to my surprise I was greeted by Pete. I really wasn't expecting him (I hadn't heard any news on DLC) - regardless, he handed me over a letter from Nintendo, which turned out to be a slushie machine (I had heard about this being a DLC on tumblr, but I thought it was one of the in-store DLC).

I also had Katie in town today. I had no one to give her to (my brother should be coming home tonight but I can't be bothered to take her to another town to be honest). I don't think I'll take her somewhere, unless I go on today and find one of my friends has their gate open. Then I'll just sneakily drop her off in there town tehehe.

Rocket had also moved in today. I actually think I'll like her. She seems pretty cool. I really can't wait (well yeah, I can) until tomorrow to see her patrolling Skyfall in all her superhero-ness. Who needs a police station when you have a superhero (hint hint).

Nook's Homes had the barrel mailbox in stock today. This had been in a lot recently, and I've been contemplating ordering one... Today  decided to take the chance and purchase it. I have no doubt in my mind that it'll look good with my exterior, the natural look along with the hedge, alongside the wooden style of the door. Let's only hope.

Nookling's gave me another double load of repeat fortunes (as I got yesterday, which is why I didn't include them). Just posting today in case anyone was curious as to why they weren't included.

Shrunk taught me the disagreement joke. I like it. I think I like the agreement joke more though (I' not too sure, I remember it from City Folk, I'd assume it complements the disagreement joke and hasn't been changed).

The picture doesn't show it, but ideally you shake your 
head from side to side

I got another funky haircut from Shampoodle. This time I got a slicked back purple hair style. I like the purple look a lot. It looks rather nice with the red wetsuit. No doubt I'll go back and change it again tomorrow. I'll try out another non-natural color, too.

Back in Skyfall, Rosie suggested we build a modern bridge. She'd been wanting my attention multiple times all day, mainly to tell me the gossip - gosh Gala, you've slipped up your act - or to ask me for a request, but finally, she requested a public works project. I forgot to take a picture, so I'll include that in tomorrows post. If you want to see one for real though, Zach's dream town from yesterday's post has one!

Since I was near the cafe, I decided to work there once again.

Of course I got Ricky's order wrong. Are you really that surprised? Actually to be honest, I did use the guide to make his order, which turned out to be wrong. I found it humorous that the universe is against Ricky being in my town (well maybe not the universe, but someone else out there hates Ricky). Having Keaton visit for a coffee was another nice surprise. He has such beautiful coloring, I hope one day he moves into Skyfall (even though we're full). Oh well, Ricky, you'll be gone soon.

I was also rewarded with some more superb coffee beans, and an espresso maker as well.

Unrelated News
Nothing really that I feel needs to be put here (other than I've more or less given up on re-reading the post for mistakes), so yeah. Cya!

Is this a sun shower?


  1. Todays post was great, how do you get Katie in your town so much? Ive not even had her once! Please visit my town in a dream! It's called Agrabah and my name is Bryan (I forgot the Dream Adress) thx!

  2. Loving your New Leaf blog - I wish I had thought of starting one on day 1 of the game!


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