Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 36

Last Nights Caper

Day 36

Ok, I have no idea why I am even blogging today, I seriously have like 20 images I took... So I doubt I can make anything worth while reading from them... I will try my best though... We did have the bug off going on though - but I just caught an agrias butterfly when walking around which I handed in and got my first place. I got rewarded with the lady bug part of the bug series. That was around 1pm though. I'm not sure if I got first place, I've yet to check. Will check after this post. I haven't worked at the cafe either, but I'm pretty sure I can't because the bug-off is going on (I couldn't celebrate the construction of the wisteria trellis today either because of the bug off...)

Cyrus had finished making all rolling suitcase colors. I'm really not sure on what color I like best. The pink didn't look as goo as a thought (I wanted a lighter pink so it'd go with the minimalist series). For now, I got him to restore it back to its original condition, which costed 50 bells instead of 100. Weird.

Shrunk also showed me to sleepy joke (his performance was actually funny i'm not gonna lie). At the start I really didn't like Shrunk, but he's beginning to grow on me. Maybe I just like how cute me looks when he does cute emotions lol.

I'm also getting over the fuschia roof of my house, so I jumped into Nook's Homes (I've actually been going in daily but they haven't had any colors I liked), and he had a black roof in stock. I'm not too sure how it'll go with the house, the door is pretty dark already and I'm worried it'll clash. But I ordered it anyway, I'll see how it looks tomorrow.

I also got another already made hair style from Shampoodle. I'm forgetting what questions I've already answered so I keep getting duplicates. I guess if we go another week or so without getting a new hairstyle I'll use a guide, I just wanna unlock girls hairstyles. I did however get a color I hadn't already gotten. I got light blue, which I think goes pretty well with my outfit.

And yeah that's really about it for today. I slept in really late because I was used to sleeping in because of the holidays, when I really overslept (I got like 11 hours sleep...). So I only played for about half an hour before I wanted to *attempt* to start doing school work (which I did none of btw lul oops). But yeah. Haven't updated my dream data either, I guess I'll do that after this post then. Cya!


  1. I got a new record in the Bug Off and they gave me a Washing Machine (bug relation?) but then I beat it again and got a caterpillar sofa! BTW: Thx for visiting my town!


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