Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 38

Last Nights Caper
Before I went to work at the cafe, I thought I'd go visit Isabelle and see what the residents though of Skyfall (I'd been meaning to do it for a while now but the thought always skipped my mind).

I was really confused, there ain't no weeds (hello... we have the beautiful town ordinance), plus there are virtually no items lying around either (unless the several fortune tickets at the gate count, or patterns?). I don't know it just really confused me...

I then decided to work at the cafe to take my mind off things.

I was rewarded with yet another gift for helping Brewster out. It was a cream and sugar (I think). It looks rather cute.

The moon was also full (as it was in real life, which was really annoying because it was so bright outside and it was disturbing my attempt to sleep lol), so I thought I'd take a few pictures (you can also see how some of the landscaping I've been doing has gone about.

Day 38

It was raining in Sykfall today... let me correct that, it was storming! I was incredibly happy as this is only out second storm I believe, and I think it was only last night that I was thinking it hadn't rained in a while. Though at the same time I was also somewhat disappointed. Since school has resumed that means my busy Monday's had come back, too. So I really didn't get to enjoy the storm as much as I wanted, nor could I play for as long time, so I apologize for the short and lacking post (really, whatever I include in this post is literally everything I did for the day).

Shrunk showed me the greetings joke, yet another cute joke if you ask me. I'm glad I'm getting all the cute jokes now, I really do enjoy them. On top of that, the first page of the joke book is coming along nicely. I think I only need another joke or two until I'm onto the second page.

I also got another already styled haircut from Shampoodle (really considering using a guide as of tomorrow, we'll see). I did get the white hair color though (which I think's always nice). I'm pretty sure now I've done all non-natural colors, so I guess it's going back along the natural path.

And yeah, that's really all I did for the day. Well, of course I did a little more than that, but nothing worth while blogging about. It was pretty much just sell stuff and dig up fossils, the usual daily chores I generally don't include in my blog posts. Also typing this now I've realized I've been getting slack in checking the beached for Gulliver, so who knows if I've missed him. I also put my wet suit on a few days ago because I wanted to go diving and catch the new July sea creatures, as well as hope to meet Pascal, I guess I haven't gotten around to that yet...

Unrelated News
Again, I really apologize for the short post, I really hate doing short posts, and I honestly considered skipping today's post, and doing a double-day post tomorrow, but decided not to. I don't plan on doing that until things get more hectic in October with my exams. Also since I mentioned yesterday my major is due in the 29th (a week from today! eek) I've gotta work on that for most of the week, just fine tuning it, so a lost of my posts this week might be short (I'll try my best to lengthen them out though). Anyway, I didn't work at the cafe today, didn't have the time. I was going to do so after posting this, but I need to do more work on my major (pretty much just write down ideas to improve and such), and I'm pretty tired as I usually am on Monday's, so I really don't want to wait any longer to go to sleep. So yeah. Cya!


    And the fortune cookies count for perfect town, and I also realised that bee hives on the ground can go against a perfect town

  2. I know what caused Isabelle to say that. The same thing happened to me. It might be because you have a spoiled turnip somewhere. Or spoiled anything I guess. That's what made her say that.

  3. Any items on the ground that are not fruit etc are considered trash. So, all you need to do is pick up stuff like money, etc, that is lying around!


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