Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 51

Last Nights Caper

Day 51

Town tree grew into the next stage. It's getting huge now (it's funny because I've already forgotten what the old tree looked like). I decided to sit down and check the progress of Skyfall. Of course, it showed other major milestones such as residents moving in and stores opening up, but visitors was the one I was interested in most.

37 visitors so far, guess we're getting closer to 100 then we can change the train station style (I'm still not sure if it's 100 or 200, the Japanese guide say 200 but people are telling me 100, others 200).

Isabelle (almost called her Shizue), and Redd were at the town square, ready for tonight's fireworks show. Neither of them did anything vitally important yet as the show had yet to begin. However, Isabelle asked me if I'd like to create a firework design via custom pattern. I told her yes and gave her the pattern for my town flag.

Shrunk taught me the surprise joke today (another one I could've sworn I already had). Guess not.

This is actually a performance I can relate to. When adverts
are like 'now made with real ...' I'm like "SO WHAT HAVE

The Nooklings also had one sole fortune cookie in stock (guess no three day hump). I bought it like usual, but thankfully it gave me a new ticket, the Goal Pole!

I continued playing on until the evening (nothing interesting happened), until the fireworks show.

I went to speak to Isabelle, to see if I'd get anything, she gave me a bulb bopper and a fountain firework.

Redd was also selling cookies for 500 bells. I decided to buy a stack (I wanted ALL the prizes). I think I either got them all, or missed one. Someone please let me know what I'm missing.

I know I definitely got the love tester, must have forgotten to take a photo of me receiving it, I also think I may have gotten another one. Not sure. Anyway, tomorrow I'll show you what they look like, and hopefully I'm not missing any!

I then decided to sit back and watch the fireworks for the rest of the night.

Unrelated News
I was a little disappointed with the fireworks show, I thought there'd be more default firework designs, but not all that annoyed by it.

Non-AC related news: first trial exam tomorrow! English Paper 1 (essay, creative writing and language paper on belonging). I can do the creative writing and language paper, it's just a matter of luck on what the essay question will be. So gotta go revise my essays now, cya!


  1. so much flowers in your town, i love it! :D

  2. I love your town can you visit me my name is Aimee and my town is called newton

  3. Fireworks fortune cookie prizes are:

    Boxed figurine
    Love tester
    Lovely phone
    Miniature car
    Roman candle (dud ticket)
    Sparkler (dud ticket)
    Ten Billion Barrel
    Ultra Hand
    Ultra Machine
    Ultra Scope

    I had to buy loads of cookies to get all the items. The Ultra Machine and the Lovely Phone seemed harder for me to get than the other items.

  4. The only ones I didn't get were the Boxed Figurine and the Ultra Machine!

  5. Better luck next time then. :)

    At least these fireworks shows are on for the rest of this month, so there's other opportunities to get the loot.


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